Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contest! Facebook...need your help:)

Ok I am in a contest on facebook. It ends on the 3rd. I need your help. I am about 150 votes behind right now. So I am asking you to help me. It only takes a minute. For you taking the time to vote I am going to have a contest for you:) From the 22nd til 3rd if you vote for me or have someone (as many as you can) I will put you in a drawing for one of my shirts, rings and bracelets. You have to send me a message on facebook Cindy Martin Summers or here or email and let me know that you voted or whoever voted. If I win I get a page of advertisement in a magazine which is always a great opportunity for Cindy's Hope Chest. Please just take a moment I really appreciate it. Oh and feel free to post it or talk about it on your blog if you do I will put you in for 10 more chances to win my stuff. Please help me continue to help women battle this terrible disease.

go to model source on facebook and "like" their page first. then go to photos and click on business logos. look for mine and "like" it. you have to like both to make it count. thanks

fighting like a girl

Friday, January 21, 2011

Yay! My website and blog now match:)

I really needed to see this today. Thanks Kristy with TSE group! I just love my marketing company. I have had a few rough days. On Monday I started having some pain under my arm (the side that does not have cancer). It has just put in a terrified mind set. I don't get like this very much but when I do it can really take over your entire life. I am going to give it a few more days and then see the dr. I did talk to them today (if I did not Mike would have). So I am trying to pray about it and move on.

I have a lot of exciting things to share. I have decided since this is my third year and the goal is to make it to 5yrs after diagnosis. I am going to celebrate everyone month that I am alive. I am already so thankful for everyday:)

I HAVE AN ONLINE STORE TOO. Go to and click on online store:all process go to CHC...there are some really cute things:)

My open house is coming up in a week. I can not wait to show off my store. It is turning out to be beautiful. Some of you that have been following me from the beginning know how much the word Believe means to me so tomorrow will be a sneak peak!

Continue to pray for me as I fight like a girl!


If you know someone who is currently battling breast cancer please

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If you facebook you can vote for me.....

OK so there is a contest on facebook right now and whoever gets the most votes gets free advertisement in their magazine.

You will be voting on logos. I am logo number 78. I hope you will please take a few minutes and vote for me. It will be a great opportunity for more to know abut Cindy's Hope Chest.

If you go to facebook and go to Model Source- you have to like the pg first then go to business logos.....then last find mine and like it! Thanks so much for your support.

fighting like a girl

pictures tomorrow of my new store:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Underconstruction......:)

I have been out of touch for a bit. I opened my store and had a wonderful end to the year for my organization. My blog will be getting a makeover and I am super excited about it. I am learning how to twitter so I can keep everyone updated on Cindy's Hope Chest. I have lots of pictures uploaded on our a facebook page. The fundraisers for our first year were amazing. Have you heard of boob painting.....well be sure to check it out. Thanks for sticking with me. This year is going to be a year that I am going to need lots of emotional support. I am heading into my 3rd year. Lots of dr apts. So just remember to say a little prayer for me and all the women that are fighting this terrible disease!

fighting like a girl

If you have any ideas about my blog or my or breast cancer let me know.