Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calling All Army Wives: Help Us Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness |

Calling All Army Wives: Help Us Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness

They are looking for a real life Army Wife helping others fight like a girl

Check this out!!! This will be so good for Cindy's Hope Chest. It will just take a minute to email above about me. Here is my info:) Please and thanks

fighting like a girl

Cindy Summers
pobox 1215
indian trail nc 28079

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So yesterday my oncologist had an allergic reaction to Gogi berries. One of her patients gave her some and she ate a handful and she ended up in the infusion room right along side of the cancer patients. Well my apt was canceled obviously. I was like what!! Like I am the only the matters... of course not:) I am happy to say she is better today and I was able to see her this morning. It is amazing how nervous and sick I feel a week leading up to this day. Will I always feel this way??? I think I will. How do I go from believing that I am going to be OK to feeling scared and uncertain. I feel guilty when I have any doubt. I love helping others and want them to be positive and fight like a girl and then I fall apart for one apt. Goodness!! I just have to continue to pray for guidance and peace. Pray pray pray:)

Update: My labs came back good. She said a little low on calcium so I need to start dealing with that. My scan from last she explained a few things with that. Cysts and a kidney stone but nothing else. She was pleased. She talked about medicines for the next 10 yrs. WOW! She says I need this protection because I am a high risk for recurrence. That is all I need to hear to whack me out for a while. What if what if???? I will see her again in 3months.

So glad Summer is almost here. The girls have had some incredible teachers this year. I need to decide what to dFont sizeo. I just want to enjoy every moment I can. Thanks for listening.

I need to sell my house......pray for my house.....whats up with that?

Car wash this sat from 8-3 on Independence.

If you have a business and would like to donate items for a raffle on the 5th of June let me know. Big or small it is all needed!!! Thanks for your support.

fighting like a girl-i really hate cancer:(

Monday, May 24, 2010

8th grade formal....Alexa and her friend

Here are a few of Alexa's pictures getting ready to leave. It is just 8th grade right??? Well for me it was special. Every moment I get to spend with the girls is a grateful moment for me:)
fighting like a girl
pray for my apt tomorrow-test results for my next 3months.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Ha what a week....Alexa's 8th grade formal, Madison went to camp for 3days with her school, Savannah had cheer tryouts for middle school and Relay for Life. It has been a crazy week! I can not wait to share all the news and pictures.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone! It is a job that is rewarding and I am so blessed to have the 3 sweetest daughters in the world.

fighting like a girl

Monday, May 3, 2010


Thanks to all that entered my giveaway. I will do another one in a month:) First of all I want to apologize for taking longer to announce than I normally do. I was reading a post that was very sad about a week ago and I have been following her for awhile. She has been through a lot and it seems to just be getting harder. Anyway it really messed with me so I turned my computer off and have not blogged at all. Sorry again!

Now back to the winner: BIRDIE- Yay!!!!!!!!

fighting like a girl