Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey, it's Mike........

Cindy and the girls are sleeping and getting some well needed rest. I'm of course up and ready to roll. I'm super excited about this next couple of days I can't stand it!!!!!!!! Whatever the outcome is, the fact that we are here is exciting. I want to take this moment to thank SOOOOOO many people for being there when my family needed you and also the support you have given Cindy with Cindy's Hope Chest. Although this past 22 months have been difficult, they have happened for a reason. Here's a couple of examples, Cindy has found a new found strength within herself that can and will conquer all!!!!!!!!!! Our family has grown closer and are more understanding to the needs of others. Cindy's Hope Chest, which will grow and help people in need. The Army moved us back to Charlotte in order for us to be close to family for support, with this move I have gotten to know my niece and nephew more than I would have ever had the chance. (living under the same roof) you get pretty close. you can just call us the NUTTY NINE! Any way the list goes on and on. We would love to sell our home in Greenville so we can purchase our retirement home but the day we pack up and move out will be sad for me. I actually enjoy the nutty nine! well, a busy next couple of days so i'd better get some sleep to so I'm not a zomby in the AM. AGAIN thanks to all who follow and support Cindy.... you all are special to me too!!!
******We are here!! They have checked us in and Mike, the girls and I have been exploring Charleston this afternoon:) Pictures coming.........

fighting like a girl.....feeling excited

Not sure what I can say???? Thank you

I am super excited!! I am packed and getting ready to leave. You all know that I am a finalist for the Army wives show. I will be meeting ???? today and meeting ???? tomorrow. I do not know much. Thanks to everyone who nominated me:) Wish me luck......

fighting like a girl

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Army Wives.....who is your favorite?

I am a super fan of this show. I use to drag my husband in to watch it on Sundays while I was going through treatments. He would watch it with me but was not into all the drama like I was. So most of you know that I am in a contest. Thanks to all who nominated me. I am very excited, nervous and waiting to hear right now. I love that you all are supporting me and Cindy's Hope Chest. Being an Army wife is tough enough and adding a terrible disease like cancer just does not seem fair sometimes. But I am fighting like a girl! My husband and girls are strong when I am weak. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. Good Luck to the other women. This could be big for Cindy's Hope Chest. Helping others is my passion. So do you like the Army Wives show? What is your favorite scene? Who is you favorite wife? Leave a never know who is reading this post:) Pamela.....what do you think about her? She tells it like it is.
Joan.....having a rough time right now.....Whats your thoughts on her?

Roxy....crazy and wild and full of you think she is gonna have a baby?

Denise.....what do you think about her? Her husband? Having a baby?

Claudia Joy....boy did I cry when she lost her do you think she is handling her life?

I love them who is your favorite? I might be meeting one or some of them!!!!
fighting like a girl

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Room makeover....Big Reveal

Sorry I have been w/o my computer for a few days. Here is the playroom before. Nicki came in and after 3 days of hard work and eye for what works and a fast shopper on a budget. This is what she left my sister with.....

You can check out the break down of how much Nicki spent and where she found them. Thanks and let me know what you think!


fighting like a girl

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mr. Army Soldier

Are you kidding me....16 years today I married my soldier. I'll never forget. This Miami girl says "I Do" to a Hot SPC in the Army!! We went to Mexico for a week and off he went.....being married for just a few weeks and being separated for about a year. It was tough. I was 24 but I was ready. So the adventure begins. In 16 years I have lived in so many places I have lost count. It has been fun. Just when I get bored with my house I get to pick the next one out. So when we get to our last one I will know exactly what I want:) I'll just have to remember I cant change my mind in 2 or 3 years. HA! Of course my three girls. We were stationed at Bragg for a weekend when I found out I was having Baby #1. I was so excited. Womack was my first experience. I was not sure what to expect but I had my little baby girl in a big Army Hospital. Check out time came and they asked me if we wanted to make payments??? OK well how much??? It was for my meals for a few days. It was like $20.....really??? We proudly said no thanks we will pay in full. Score!! Army blessing #1! I wont ramble on too much. I had Army blessing #2 and #3 in a Civilian Hospital at the same duty place. We were doing good every 2 yrs I was adding to our little Army family. Life was good. Until the first time he left baby #3 was only a few months old. So I had a 4, 2 and 3 month old. That's when I knew I could do about anything. As the years have gone by moving and taking care of our little family got easier. It has been fun. I know that my girls are flexible. They change schools, make new friends (and keep the old) and adjust well. As we are approaching retirement years (in the Army you are old around 38 haha). We did not have in our plan.... Blessing #4 my insurance that my husband works so hard for. I never thought much about it and sometimes I would get mad if they did not pay right or I could not go where I picked first. It did not click until they told me I had breast cancer. Chemo 12,000 each much more I don't even want to get started. So thankful for the Army!!! It is a benefit that you will not hear me complain about. And Blessing # 5....that's you baby! My soldier who I have taken care of and our girls no matter where he has gone. I love being an ARMY WIFE. You've done a fabulous job the last 2yrs being a soldier, dad and husband to tough cookie fighting an ugly disease. Thank you for feeding me breakfast when I could hardly pick my head up. Thank you for washing my bald head when I could hardly look in the mirror. Thank you for holding it together when the Dr's gave us results after results. Thank you for loving me for better or worse and in sickness and in health. I LOVE YOU....Yay for 16 yrs! Meet my Army soldier...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Room Makeover by Nicki

This is my friend Nicki.

She has been super sweet to take on this challenge. My sister was ready to makeover her playroom that we all dread entering as Moms to a sheek family room on a budget. So Nicki jumped on it and has been coming over this week making her plans. I must say so far I'm impressed. The best part about the visits are I get to spend time with her. She is a beautiful girl of God. She shines when she enters the room. So this is a win win for me. Check out the room before......
Do you think it need Nicki???? Now here is what has happened after 2 days..........

I love it and what is most important is my sister and her husband. THEY LOVE IT!
You can pop over to Nicki's blog for her upcoming days changing this blah playroom into a room that I (oops my sister I mean ;) )want to spend a lot of time enjoying.
Until tomorrow
fighting like a girl

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rineyville KY

This is Mike, Would love to know whos in Rineyville KY????? I have friends that are stationed at FT Knox. Please leave a comment... Thanks!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Visit from my (blog) friend Nicki from three girly girls

Ha I am having so much fun. Summer!! It has been a busy few weeks. The Sunset Club benefit was a huge success and now I am back to catching up with all Cindy's Hope Chest friends. It seems like everyday I meet someone new. I know how they feel. So many emotions. I am working on a few things for some women. Baskets, meals and gc from some different places. Everyone has a different need. I love surprising them. I love seeing the look on their faces when CHC can help them with a need. I know when I was going through treatments the smallest thing have me hope.

So last week I was talking to my girlfriend about doing some home improvements at my sisters house. She has been sweet to let me stay here while I am trying to sell my house. She went crazy with excitement. So today she was here with a rug and paint colors. So it is on..... Nicki has a budget of 500. So we will see. She will be back tomorrow to paint! Check out her blog. It is on my sidebar. Maybe tomorrow she can show me how to link stuff. Love ya Nicki

I need some suggestions on what I call the women I'm helping? Friends, patients, recipients, clients?? What do you think?

fighting like a girl

Pray for my house to sell......I need to move

Friday, June 11, 2010

1st day of Summer break

I loved getting up early, no making lunches, no school. This is the first day in a while that I did not do much. It was wonderful. Savannah is off on her 5th grade graduation adventure with my Mom. She is having a blast. The other two hit the pool and did some chores. Which gave me some time to reflect on everything that is going on. I definitely am looking forward to having more days like this. This Summer I am going to start spending more time taking care of me. Things I want to get in to:

So need to get into an exercise routine. Having gone through chemo and radiation it sure takes a toll on your body.

Spend more time doing things that I really want to do or go see. Not just say I am.

Blogging more and catching up on others. You all were very good to me. I love seeing what everyone is up to.

Spend more time one on one praying....quiet time gives me a kick start to my day.

My girls.....just love listening

Watching my soldier love serving his country and thank him more

I could go on and on.....I just think this Summer is going to be great.

My 1st day of Summer break was refreshing:)

fighting like a girl

Loved visiting Dover at their cookout- thanks again for your donation of 825!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SAvannah's Graduation, Lifetime Army Wives and Cindy's Hope Chest

Last night was so sweet my little Savannah had her 5th grade graduation. I can not believe that she is going into middle school. Headache city thinking about it. She look so gorgeous. I will have pictures later tonight.

The benefit was wonderful. I want to thank everyone for donating food, door prizes and raffles. It was amazing. I have not come off that high yet. Seeing people love Cindy's Hope Chest gives me the strength to continue on. I love what I am doing. I would love to hear from some of my blog friends that have been following for a while to see what they think. I found about cancer in 8-08 and now it is 6-10 and I have CHC....I have had 4 events......and I have over 5000. It is overwhelming. I keep saying this is my first year and I can not wait until next. God is good. has been exciting, stressful and emotion all in one. Thank you to all who have nominated me. I know where it started at but I have know idea where it has gone. So know that I am thankful. I will blog about more details tomorrow. I hope you are excited. I am!

fighting like a girl

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Celebration last night

This is Mike, Thanks for all the support with Cindy's Hope Chest 1st annual Summer Celebration. It was a great success and we had loads of fun putting it together. So many people came together to make it what it was. We will post later to thank and recognize all the company's that supported this event. Thanks Jon for all your efforts as the Host of the event! You did a great job!!.. start getting ready for the 2nd annual because you are tagged for that one too!!!! Cover charge and raffles totaled $2,080 and Dover Mortgage also presented a check for $825.00 for a total of $2,905!!!!!!!!!! Great job to all and thanks for all the continued support.
Please let Cindy know if you have friends or family that are battling breast cancer so we can reach out to them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lifetime called me from Army Wives:) grab my button and start following too

I will update later tonight. If you are not a follower you might want to follow. This is going to be exciting. Another giveaway will be coming up:)

Thanks to my winner last month!!!

fighting like a girl