Wednesday, January 6, 2010


First of all I am going to break this up over the rest of the week. Our trip was fabulous. We were gone for 11 days. We started off our trip with Disney. Remember this was my promise to the girls this year. We had so much fun. I hope you can tell by the pictures. Secondly I am behind on my email, face book and blog. Thanks for all the Christmas cards. I will be answering all your emails and checking on your blogs in the next week. I promise I have not forgot about you. Sending my love to all. Thanks to all of our troops who were not home for the holidays. I am praying for your safe return and thanks to the families who are waiting at home. Lastly the 31st of Dec was a year since I had my last chemo treatment! I also had a radiation follow-up the same day. The Dr said my skin was looking good and that he has released me. I am so happy:) Now my next big appointments are Feb 3 and Feb 6. Please pray that they find clear and clean results. I am in the high risk right now. A toast to you and all for a wonderful year of good health and happiness.
fighting like a girl


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a wonderful new year and a wonderful time with your girls at disney!

On Purpose said...

Happy New Year to you! You have a GREAT year ahead of you!

Cindy said...

Hi Cindy,

My name is Cindy Young and I have read your blog. I was diganoised with breast cancer on Oct 1, 2009. My treatment is pretty much the same pattern as yours was. I have been doing chemo treaments and will have my last one on Jan. 15th I am looking forward to that day. I will then have surgery and then radition. It has helped to read what you went through and how well you are doing now. It definently gives me hope. Thank you for saring and I will pray for you to continue to be cancer free.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and all the smiling faces. So much fun you all had and I am really thankful for you. May 2010 bring some more great blessings for you and your family and others. I am trusting and believing in this. Love to you all.

The Patterson 5 said...

Love the pictures! What a fun trip! I am so thankful that you all went and that you have such good news! I will be praying for more good news in Feb!