Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last day off

I am sitting here watching my kids playing outside. It has been so nice having this time to relax and enjoy being home. So that means back to school tomorrow. At least they only have 2 days this week. Report cards come home next week. So they needed this time. They seem to be OK thou.
Now I sure wish I knew why I was so hungry. Of course I do not want anything here. I think that seems to always be the case. I guess if I could get into the exercise mode that would probably help. OK so fill me in on what everyone else is up to.
Too many wants and wishes to list. Trying to decide about consignment sale and clear out some of the girls stuff. I think I have a lot of stuff. Have you ever had so many things running through your mind but you don't know where to start??? Oh well I am trying one day at a time. Loving today and looking forward to tomorrow.
Love to all

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Nicki said...

Girl you are very random today!!! =) I'm with you though, it's one of those days for me! I have been so hungry too....I don't know what's up.....must be PMS. I've got to get back to running again. There is just never a good time!

I'm glad you had some good times with the girls. Next time you're in Charlotte let me know so you can come by and see us. I miss you so much!!

Talk to you soon!

Oh, I got the girl's pics done at the Picture People, they did a fairly good job considering us clients they had to work with!!! WHEW!!! =)