Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Deals

I told you that I would post deals as I find them. Here is a blog to check out. I am not sure how to copy and paste so here it is:

She update every Fridays with frugal deals. Make sure you check it out and it can led you to unlimited info. Have fun!

other sites:

I will post some more later today. I am sure these will lead to so many places that you will busy this weekend:)

Let me know what you find!!

Check my friends blog for info and input on homeschooling


Nicki said...

Thanks girl!

Nicki said...

Hey my friend, I need your help......see my blog if you have time. Thanks!!

Tam said...

HI came across your blog. I am Married to a Solider also. I am not allowed to blog about his JOB! so I do not or I hint around it....Anyway enjoyed reading your blog...and your research on homeschooling. We are in GA and everybody here I have met a lot of ARMY wives that homeschool because they move so much that it has become easier to home school. Good luck and I will be back to visit your blog....

My Army Brats and Me said...

Thanks for the comment tam! Thank you and your soldier for what you do.