Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Susan G. Komen-fighting like a girl

Here are a few pictures of TEAM SUMMERS:)

It was great and I have tons to show you tonight!!!

Thanks for praying for me and supporting me at my first walk


lesthook said...

I just sent my daughter a link to your blog. She lives in Charlotte and just learned that her friend has breast cancer. I told her about the slogan....fight like a girl... and she loved it.

r said...

HOORAAY for CINDY!!! You're looking great and you've come so far from a year ago......You can do ANYTHING!
Carol Smith

On Purpose said...

You are beautiful!

SAYDA said...

Congratulations on all that you raised. What an accomplishment. You are amazing!

Carrie said...

:) I can't think of anything articulate enough to express how I'm feeling.

You guys make me happy. That's about as good as it's going to get, I guess. I'm sitting here in my office all smiley and full of hope...and it's a beautiful thing: your strength and courage. :) Kudos, girl. Keep it up.

SAYDA said...

My dear little friend just found out she has breast cancer. She is so scared. What do I tell her to make her feel better? Is there a present besides prayers I can give her????