Thursday, April 8, 2010

Concussion, amnesia.....fb virus and it ends in a PRAISE!

Last Wed I received a call that Mommy's don't want to hear. Savannah has fallen and is not herself. She does not have memory of it or a window of time before. Mike and I jumped in the car to meet her at the hospital. It was the strangest thing. As many times as my three have bumped their head and had a big goose egg Savannah had no bump no blood. The Dr was very good with her. He explained how concussions work and she had a classic concussion. The amnesia is normal and she will always have it. I was totally scared. I can not even explain our visit. It makes me too sad to talk about it. She was saying and acting like I have never seen before. Everyday is a healing day for her. Headaches and dizzy for her. Pray for her.

Of course during all of this I received my first computer virus. By now I'm pretty mad. I thinking great so I have not been blogging much because my computer is on the blink.

Friday I was asking God to give me a break. I just felt like I have had enough right now. It was not much later that I received a phone call. It was from Proverbs 31 Ministries. She was very sweet. She said that there was a lot of people who have been following my story. I was very flattered but I am sooooo grateful to have all of you. You have pulled me through the battle of my life this far. She ask me if I knew about the She Speaks Conference. Of course I do a lot of my blogger friends are writers and I read their blogs. You might remember I met one of my friends for the first time while she was in town for the conference. She follows with that I am receiving a full scholarship to the conference in July. I was overwhelmed and felt very blessed. Once I got off the phone my first thought was God was telling me everything is OK. I have your back. Keep on going you have a business to run and I expect you to change and touch these women's lives. I have learned so much through my journey that I just want to pay it forward. Thank you for letting me do it. Please check out

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! If you know anyone who is undergoing treatments for breast cancer please let me know:)

fighting like a girl


On Purpose said...

How awesome is our Jesus! Yeah know you are going to She Speaks is exciting...for I know you will be blessed and will continue to bless many. You and the life you live is truly beautiful. Praying for continued healing for Savannah..and for your computer to be on the mend too! I love you my friend!

Running the race said...

Hi Cindy, I can only imagine how scared you were for Savana and will add her to my prayer list for complete recovery! God is good, all the time God is good!

I was very excited to read that you are going to She Speaks! That is going to be such a wonderful experience for you! Can't wait to see what God is going to do. Luann

Cindy said...

Oh Cindy,
I am so excited that you are going to She Speaks. I have never been but hear it is wonderful. What a great blessing!!!
Praying for your girlie!!!

SAYDA said...

I am so glad she is ok. I pray that she keeps getting better and there won't be any complications from that.

Awesome that you are going to She Speaks!