Monday, May 24, 2010

8th grade formal....Alexa and her friend

Here are a few of Alexa's pictures getting ready to leave. It is just 8th grade right??? Well for me it was special. Every moment I get to spend with the girls is a grateful moment for me:)
fighting like a girl
pray for my apt tomorrow-test results for my next 3months.


Frances said...

They are both really beautiful! I did not look like THAT when I was in 8th grade.

Hope they had fun!

Anonymous said...

your pictures are nice..thanks for sharing... my prayers go with you to your appt....


Blessing said...

You gals look really adorable. Goodluck on the test.

My husband just joined the army and I do have a lot of questions and concerns....I have been reading a whole lot of blogs by military wives. I am glad I found yours tooo...thanks for posting.

Running the race said...

Cindy the pictures are beautiful! You must be very proud! I will be praying for your check up!

On Purpose said...

Enjoy every moment! Praying and knowing He will be with you tomorrow! Hugs and love my friend!

Tracy said...

Such sweet pictures~Praying about your check-up ;o)

Have a great week!