Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 14-Waiting for results still-PRAY

Today I had my ultrasound. Of course I am still waiting for the results. I hope to be able to update you tomorrow. I am feeling good and hope to feel myself by Christmas. Thank you for praying.

About the She Speaks Conference: I have been waiting for the right time to tell you about my news. I told you about Mike making the promotion list a while back. Well we were told that when it was time to move that we would have to move out of the southeast this time. So we were concerned because of my medical needs. We knew that it would be hard for family to help being too far north or too far west. I just pushed it to the side and said I was not going to worry about it. So not too long after that Mike received a call with a position in Charlotte, but in order to take the position he had to move in Feb with or without me. After talking about it we decided that this is part of the Plan. Most of our family is in Charlotte. So we just put the house up for sale this week. We are not sure with the housing market how long it will take but it is God's hand so I will wait. So I will stay back with the girls and finish treatment, Alexa will finish school and we will wait for the house to sell. I am so excited. What I am extremely excited about is that I will be getting the chance to meet a lot of you who will be attending. I will not be attending but in the same city with all of you. We are just going to have to make the time. Mimi I am not sure if you attend but I know you live close so we should be able to surely meet. Anyway I have been sitting on this because I could not believe we got this offer. It is so neat when things just fall into place. So if you are out there and something is just not going your way. Don't worry just let it go and give it to God and it will fall into place.

Much love
4 days Savannah will be 10


Joyful said...

Excited to hear all that God is doing for you. Trusting God that it will all come together.

Praying for your results today and remembering that God is in control!
Love ya,

The Patterson 5 said...

What wonderful and exciting news of what God is providing for you and your family!

Praying for the results today.

Beth and I put a praying ornament in the mail to you yesterday! I hope it gets to you soon. She did the paint stamping with some help from big brother Sam!

Love to you,

I love the Charlotte area. Lots of our family are located there as well!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

YAY!! I'm the MOST excited about this!!! I'm not going to She Speaks either this year but I soooo want to meet up with everybody too!! But you and I will meet up before that!! Love you and let me know the results as soon as you know something! Praying for you!!

Pinkshoelady said...

Oh THis is very good news!
I live right outside of Charlotte and would love to meet you in person!
My family has been praying for you faithfully.

I needed this post today. My husband is going through something at His job that needs not my intervention...though I would love to expose some sin/sinners on my blog...I feel after reading your post that God is asking me to wait.

Thank you for posting so that I could hear Him in the midst of my tears and anger.

Praying hard

Jennifer said...

God always has the perfect plan for us. So glad you will be close to family - and I LOVE the city of Charlotte (a little jealous myself!) So glad to hear of your good results....God is working!

MiMi said...

God is working in mighty ways in your life! This is GREAT news and we will DEFINITELY be meeting each other! I can hardly wait!

Praying for you and love you, sweet friend!