Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 9-Tired but everyday a little easier

Madison is learning how to knit with my girlfriend. My girlfriend took a week off to come and hang with me. We have known each other since we were 5 yrs old. She has some projects to do with them. She is great with my girls. I am excited that she is here.
Alexa looking at the computer. She is getting tired and ready for bed soon.

My cousin Nikki came to visit today. She is so tired after playing with my girls today. We are so happy that she came.

I have been house bound today trying to stay well. It has been a fun day and I can not complain. It is getting so close to Christmas and I am so far behind. I want to start getting in the mood . I am excited about the ornaments even if they come after the fact. It will mean so much to us.

Alexa is getting some more orders for bracelets. I will post next week what states are being covered.

I also am curious who is attending the She Speaks Conference in Charlotte? I think that is what it is called? I will explain why wants I get dome feedback.

I know that there are viewers that are just know reading in so I am going to chat a little about my journey on Monday. I know it is hard to go back and read 100+ posts. I am follower of God and love you to join me. I am praying for a Miracle and looking to give God all the glory. As my bracelet says I am believing. It is important for me to share how much I am being blessed everyday by bloggers praying for me and taking time to share scripture and love with me. It is my journey and I thank you for letting me share. I thank you for letting me be me through the good and bad.

Have a wonderful night

Fighting like a girl


I forgot to post 9 days until Sweet Savannah is 10 yrs old(she is at a friends tonight)


Leebird said...

I'm planning to be at the She Speaks Conference, Lord willing. I'm saving my pennies.

Can you email me and remind me what you want regarding ornaments? I forgot, and my eyeballs are at half-mast, so I'm going to bed before taking time to search through your back blogs.

Keeping believing! Love, Lee

Ginger said...

Hi Cindy,

I came across your blog from Nicki's blog three girly girls. Your blog inspires me. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep the faith and keep up the good fight.

Sue J. said...

It can be so great to have others around...not just for the break for yourself, but that the kids have someone else to bounce things off! And they seem to be having an excellent time.

Again, tired, but you sound really good, optimistic and spiritually strong! Prayers for a great week ahead!!

Cindy said...

Hey Cindy,

Just checking in tonight. I am not sure about the She Speaks Conference ~ We'll see what God says:)

So wonderful of your friend to come and visit with you for a week. How God has blessed you.

Continuing to pray.

Hey I made an ornament ~ but I am such a dork that I did it VERY wrong so I'm sending an NOT homemade one tomorrow:)

Love you girlfriend,

Jennifer said...

So glad for a good day...praying each day next week is even better! Oh, and I sure am planning (and hoping) to attend the conference this year - just fyi.