Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 20-Praises

Another nice day. I realized that this week that I have done fairly well with my anxiety. I think the biggest thing I worry about is that I need to stay well.

Tomorrow I will start taking my meds to get ready. As I prepare for Friday please pray that I can tolerate the chemos. It scares me each time. You should see me in the chemo room. You all would laugh at me. I never relax like everyone else. I never sleep like everyone else. No way! I ask a million questions. I mean I question everything. I am the baby in there compared to everyone else. I get stares and glances. I know they are saying she is too young to be here. Thank goodness my husband and mom are so good and patient with me. It will never get to be a routine with me. I take each treatment very seriously. So please pray that I will be OK.

I hope that someday that someone out there going through this terrible, scary unbelievable dream can have hope and faith and know that I will walk them through. I want them to know that anything is possible through Him.

Thank you my committed friends for helping, supporting and praying for me. It means so much.

Sweet Dreams

States I know:
South Carolina
North Carolina
Did I forget any?? Lots to go. If you are a quite reader that is fine. If you would like to wear a bracelet just let me know.
(I have a friend that was covering a handful not sure where I will find out tomorrow, also I will have LA taken care of)


Sheryl said...

hey there, i am reading and praying along with you in michigan!


Sue J. said...

I think you already do walk with other folks who are going through this. I know you think folks are looking over and thinking certain things, but people are surprising. It could be that they are looking over, admiring your courage to ask the million questions that they can't. You're a strong lady, standing in Him!

Prayers for tomorrow....

Cindy said...

I'm praying as you prepare for tomorrow. Just think ~ only one more after this. You are almost there!!

Love you, Cindy

Leebird said...

Has my friend from LA, Sandra, gotten in touch with you? She is my best friend from high school's sweet and godly mom who successfully beat stage 3 breast cancer. Love and prayers sweet friend, Lee

Robin said...

My daughters & I would love a braclett. Please send three.

You have every right to be scared with each treatment. But always remember you have God with you to handle the worst of it.

We are all praying for a successful treatment with mimimal side effects.

We love you! Be strong.


Anonymous said...

GENESIS 18:14A - "Is there anything impossilbe for God." We serve a God of miracles - I beleive that God is performing a miracle in you. He has a special plan for you life Cindy. Praying for that peace that only He can supply. FROG - Fuly Relying on God. Hugs, Gayla

crys said...

Cindy,I was thinking of you today. I had to catch up on the blog. I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving. I'm praying for you today and tomorrow, praying you through your treatment. We love you! Keep fighting.