Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My teacher, mentor and friend

I have been so excited to blog about this but it was not the right time until now. When I was a little girl about Alexa's age I had a Math teacher who I loved. She was a young, energetic, positive young lady. She was always smiling and working the classroom. She knew how to keep us focused and keep us in line. A few years after I had her as my teacher she helped me during my parents divorce. She was very good to me. I remember her telling me when it was time for her to get married she was going to have me in her wedding. I guess about 5 years later I was asked to be in her wedding. It was a blast. She has kept up with me all these years. I have called on her when I needed advice. I have called on her when I needed help with teaching the girls Math. She has been a great friend. Why she picked me to take under her wing? Over the years she has worked hard and now has her doctrine. I am so proud of her. She has a gorgeous voice and gives all the Glory to God. She has written her own songs and has her own CD. She has a passion for loving the Lord. During the last 9 months she has been there for me. Sometimes I would just call her and ask her to pray for me. She did not allow me to feel sorry for myself. She knew when I needed a push. So back in April she can to stay with me for a week. She shared my life, went to my church (which I love so much) and prayed with me. It was an amazing time. I want to thank God for bringing her into my life.

Dr. Mary J. Woolridge-you are an angel from God and I am blessed to know you. I pray for God to protect you. I pray that God continues to use you.

I love you-Friends Forever

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Anonymous said...

You never really understand when you are little why? What a wonderful tribute to your friend. God always see's the big picture and how amazing it is when we love Him enough to see just how awesome He is too place just the right people in our life at just the right time. Thanking God for your friend. Glad to see that you know just how special you are to God. Always praying for you and your family.
Still Believing with Hope that God will keep you fighting like a girl.
Love, Hugs and Prayers
Laurie (Oregon)

Sue J. said...

What a blessing for you, and a legacy for her! Beautiful story....

There are not many in this world who would take one under wing for as long as your friend. God's providence and love for you go way back.

This was inspiring today, Cindy, thank you!

On Purpose said...

Praising God for Mary! Her investments in you have paid off more than we will ever see this side of Heaven. Cindy you took was she put into you and have placed that in the lives of many...your husband, your girls, your family and friends, women that have read this blog. You are a girl living out Gods purpose and passion...keep doing it!

Mary J. Woolridge said...

Cindy, When God places people in your life, trust me, it is a win-win for all persons involved. He pours into you what that person needs and if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He has ordained the relationship so that someway that person can bless you as well. Just seeing God at work has blessed me. You are an angel that God brought in my family’s’ life for such a time as this. God has allowed me to gain so much from your strength and to see what the scripture means when it says in my weakness then am I made strong. I have seen God do that for you and it has been a real testimony of God's promised mercy and power for His children. There are some people who have not gone through the same test and challenges you have and they have given up on themselves, their family, their children, their jobs and even God. Thank God, you allowed this test to draw you closer to God. Never let go of God or His promises to you and your family. Thank God for Jesus because you are an example of a person walking in victory. All of us have our moments because we are in the flesh but we know from the scriptures that He will never leave us nor forsake us. You and your entire family will always have a place in my family because God has so ordained it that way. I love you so much and all I ask is that you extend the same Godly love to others. God will use your life and testimony to bless His people. I believe this entire situation has brought you and your family closer to loving God likes He desires. Mike is a fantastic husband to you and the girls are wonderful as well. They each have a part in this. For that family who is presently dealing with a serious illness, Mike can minister unconditional love to the husband and for the children whose mom or dad is dealing with a serious illness, the girls can encourage them. Yes there are many families who need you all so desperately. I encourage you to put your journey in a book, give God the glory and He will continue to bless your life tremendously. For all of the bloggers who have mailed items to encourage you, have called you, have prayed for you and have blogged words of encouragement, I want to say that you and I speak continued blessings on you (the blogger) and your family. I have never met you however I love you for caring about my daughter, Cindy and her family. Cindy I love you all so much! Continue to allow this medium to be used to minister hope and encouragement to the people of God. Well I will stop preaching and allow someone else to blog. Mary J. Woolridge

Leslie said...

You are blessed to have such a good friend and mentor! Not many people would do the things she has done for you.

Thanks for checking in with me this week. Your one comment back in March (I think it was then) got me writing again. Thank you for that my friend!

Blessings and hugs!

The Call's said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. What a wonderful friend to have. You are so amazing Cindy.

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