Sunday, June 7, 2009


Mike had his procedure this morning and is doing fine. I am happy to say that the doctor said that this was caught early enough that the medicines they have been giving him reduced the blockage by 30%. So now with diet, exercise and medicine he should be able to turn this around. Praise God! Mike is going to have to follow up with a Cardiologist in a few weeks. Having a heart attack this young is not good. So he is going to have to stay away from stress. Well as you all know our life has been all stress for a while now. So pray for our family to be able to continue to fight.

The girls are doing fine. The poor things have been through so much. They are in Charlotte and being taken care of by family and friends. Thank you so much for being there.
Your praying worked and I am so thankful. When he is up and about I can wait for him to read the comments.
Now for you Satan I guess you must have not been happy with my results Friday so you thought you could mess with my man! Well I hate to break it to ya. We are fine:)
fighting like a girl and thankful for my husband
Pastor Reggie, pat, Ken,Sue thanks for coming


Leslie said...

I was just catching up on reading some blogs. Good grief Cindy! What a roller coaster you've been on this weekend! I'm glad the two of you are doing alright. HA, in your face Satan!!!

Prayer and hugs to your family!

BLC :o said...

Oh gooooood! Still praying hard here and you two focus on getting well. Xoxo-BLC

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Girl that's right! You kick that devil to the curb!! He's not having this!!! I'm so glad everything is ok and I have not stopped praying!! I love you guys and tell Mike that we love him too!!

The Patterson 5 said...

Still keeping you all in my prayers. May God continue to strengthen you and you trust in Him!

Cindy said...

I have been away from my computer for a week and just stopped by to check in on you - Oh my goodness!

The enemy is working overtime in your family BUT...God has more power, strength and VICTORY than the enemy.

So glad Mike is doing ok, praying for all of you. How are the girls doing now?

Blessings to all of you,

On Purpose said...

Cindy you are an amazing woman filled with an amazing God! Keep your eyes fixed on Him and He will fight off all the attacks that are hitting you right now!

Stacy said...

Cindy - your family is in my prayers. I just started reading some blogs again and could not believe what you are struggling with now! I am so glad that your husband is doing OK and I am glad that you are doing well! Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you!

Emily Tallman said...

Praying for you and Mike!

Robin said...

Tell Mike I said to get well soon & then take it easy for a while.

I am soooo glad your appointment friday went well.

Take care & remember we love you

Anonymous said...

Cindy- I too just caught up on your blog and was about to praise God for your appt last Fri when I saw the post on Mike. I hope that he is doing okay and your family is in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a strong woman to be going through so much right now!

Jennifer said...

I have been behind on my blog reading - out of town - and had no idea all you guys have been through! So glad to hear your hubbie's procedure went well - hope is recuperating well...and being a good patient! :) (So hard for men.)

I love your positive attitude - the victory is always ours!

Robin said...


Just checking to see how Mike is doing. You Mike & the girls are in my prayers.

Love ya

Joyful said...

Cindy, I'm not on my computer much any more, but just read this post about Mike. Praying the Lord will continue to strengthen him. May the Lord put a shield of protection around your precious family.

Love & prayers,

Frances said...

Cindy, I just followed you back from a comment you left on my blog.

I am so sad to hear what Mike is going through, but want to tell you that modern medicine can work miracles when we trust in God to oversee the work.

My hubby had quintuple bypass surgery the week after his 47th birthday. We were fortunate that he did not have a heart attack and the severe blockages he had were caught only because he went to the doctor with a backache and the dr was savvy enough to send him to a cardiologist. God's grace? You bet.

Hubby is healthy as a horse almost 5 years later.

I will pray that your hubby do as well.