Friday, July 31, 2009

Doctor Apt

I have so much to tell but not enough time. So sorry I have been away for a week. Charlotte-Greenville and back....crazy!

My dr apt with the new oncologist yesterday was great. She said that I am doing great. She is going to send me for a scan to check out a few things. So pray pray pray!

I will be back with lots of updates: I met one of my bloggy friends yesterday for AZ. She has been with me this entire year. So I got to give her a big hug. YAY:)

fighting like girl


Jacqueline said...

We'll be praying for you that your scan goes really well!

I love the blonde hair! Its so fun :)

skoots1mom said...

alright...eager to hear more.

Ann M. said...

Hope all is well! Got the bracelets and will be putting up a picture in a few minutes--the other two will go in the mail to their respective locations tomorrow :) Thank you, Alexa!

On Purpose said...

Know you are loved and thought of!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Praise God that you are doing so great :) Love the hair too and I'm glad that you are having fun with it. You can pull a hat off well too, I wish I could, but with my big head, it doesn't work so well haha.

OUR FAMILY said...

I'm glad all is going well. Best wishes and you continue being in our prayers.

Cindy said...

I hear you got to meet Lee - I talk to her now and again - have had lunch with her a time or two - she is awesome.

God's blessings as you have your tests taken and wait for the results. Believing that they will be Good Reports!!!!

Love to you my friend, Cindy

Leebird said...

Hugging your sweet neck was one of the highlights of my trip! Love you bunches! I talked about you on my blog!