Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet my youngest Madison Belle

After seeing Michael Jackson's daughter speak today it made me wonder. I bet my girls have a lot to say. It has been a long and tiring year fighting like a girl. This is one reason why I do. Here is Madison:)
HI im madison im eight almost nine. now what im doing right now is SPILLING MY HEART to all you guys watching this right now. A couple of hours ago i watched michael jackson's mamoriael and his daughter speak.the first time my mom said michael jackson i thought she was talking about michael jourden
i like to jump on the trampoline i like to have sleepovers and i am very girly girl. i can do back hansprings backtuck. i love babies. i like to do make up.i like to sing and dance
thanks for wearing my moms bracelits thanks for praying for her. you are good people. mommy is better when you pray for her it makes her happy we love and pray for you every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robin said...

What a wonderful story Madison. You sound like your alot of fun. I hope one day I can meet you.

Always remember that we are all praying not only for your Mom but we pray for your entire family.

With three wonderful girls I can see why your Mom has fought so hard to get well.

We love you'll
PS Tell your dad I said hello.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, that was too cute!

On Purpose said...

Miss Madison you are a beautiful girl, full of life, energy and amazing gifts and talents. May you truly know you light up this world! Love and hugs to you! On Purpose!

Carrie said...

That was absolutely beautiful. :)

It was great to meet you, Madison!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful post little Madison! Your mom is very lucky to have you around :)

Anonymous said...

Madison, thanks for sharing with us. You are a special little lady. Love ya, Gayla

Joyful said...

Well, Miss Madison, what a delight to 'meet' you. You are just adorable. You sound like quite the gymnist and a real sweetheart.

Keep following and loving Jesus.

Sending hugs from Canada,

My Army Brats and Me said...

my mom is going to let me visit your blogs to get to know


thanks for reading my post

Edie said...

It's so nice to meet you Madison! I am so proud of the way you have helped your mom as God was healing her. I'm sure she is very proud too.

Much love to you!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Madison Belle, I loved your blog and yes you are so girly girl. I can't believe you are 8 and almost 9. You and your sisters are just the sweetest!!!!You make your mom and dad so proud. I know you are having a fun summer with your parents and friends. I am still praying for your mom and dad and for you girls. God is just so good to us all. Have fun and be safe. Miss you and your sisters. Love and hugs to you all....Yvonne

Priscila said...

omg, it was so cute and i really enjoyed your blog...I ment my husband since almost 2 years ago and life being apart from the person u love is difficult, u know...
Take care, Add my blog, keep in touch and best wishes for you and your family!!!