Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heading to Greenville

So Mike is at some training in Ft. Jackson so the girls and I are heading to Greenville to check on the house. I so need to sell my house. Please say a little prayer for me.

I am going to be messing around with my blog for the next week so bare with me:) As soon as I get home I can show you my hair.

I also have 2 blog awards that I need to pass on so I am looking.

Off to bed

fighting like a girl


Cheryl said...

Have fun while you are gone! I will say some prayers that your house sells! BTW I love the picture of you and your husband!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It will sell! Be safe traveling back!

Anonymous said...

You posted that beautiful picture that I love. That is true love inside and out. What a beautiful twosome you make. Have fun in Greenville with the girls. Praying that your house will sell soon. Hope you and Mike are doing well. Love to you all. Yvonne

Sherry said...

Once again...beautiful family!

The Friends blog is giving away one of those cookbooks.