Tuesday, September 22, 2009


OK I am curious. Are any of your kids coming home with cases of the Swine Flu in their schools? I received a call today that I should be getting a letter today from one of my girls school with 2 confirm cases. What are we suppose to do? How do we protect the other students? Of course with my situation I am trying very hard to stay healthy.

I will be back and let me know what I find out. Hope you all are healthy:)

fighting like a girl


Tracy said...

Since I home school, I don't have to worry with them getting it at school. But around here the pregnant women are getting it. One died last week, she was 20! They took her baby and as far as I know the baby is fine.

Then there are 2 more they have on ventalators. It's terrible!

If it gets as bad as they are expecting it too, it will be hard NOT to get it.

You be careful and use tons of germ-ex ;o} Does that stuff even help against it?

Anonymous said...

We have a couple over here, too...just do what you normally do...wash those hands, etc. etc...
Tell Madison to check the blog...posted an old pic! Also I want her to visit Aunt in coming tomorrow but I will call her to come visit...I have not forgotten!
:) Mary

Sue J. said...

Our county in central VA just confirmed 5 cases of n1h1 in one school. So, so far, it's contained to one school. The nurse just spoke about the situation at back-to-school night tonight. She has to report any symptoms, absences, etc. to the county on a DAILY basis--just so everyone keeps track.

The custodial staff and even the bus drivers are taking special efforts to clean and disinfect.

The promotion of flu shots is everywhere. We just remind kids to keep washing their hands and keep their germs to themselves.

I understand your concerns for your health and the girls. But, keep things in perspective, too. There's too much "panic press" out there!