Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alexa's decision and we support her

So after our meeting as a family Alexa made the decision to withdraw from school here in Greenville and start school in Charlotte on Monday. Yes I said MONDAY! I tried everything I could to get the county to make an exception. Answer is NO! So I have been running like crazy getting the girls ready. OK so I said GIRLS! This cap on the schools effects all three of them. So Mike and I decided to enroll all of them to get their spots. They all were enrolled 2 yrs ago and it was a wonderful experience. So we will see. Mike is going to have his hands full. He will be taking on working and taking care of the girls. I am going to stay back here and finish my treatments and sell the house. I am so going to miss the girls. I have never been away from them for more than a week. They are going to come home on the weekends. So what do you all think? Are you shocked? I am. It hit me when I saw Alexa's friends crying today. It breaks my heart. My girls have been through so much. Lord please watch over them.

One more thing thrown in my lap! I am being pushed and tested but I am pushing through.

Lord give me the strength.

Day 9 of radiation is done!! I am beat from a very busy week. Pray for our travels tomorrow after radiation. Sending much love!

Lord I Pray that you touch my skin and tissue.

Lord I am sending Praise to you for all my friends who are stepping up and helping out with the girls. I love you all.



Leebird said...

Wow Cindy! Let me tell you about my friend, Quy. Her husband is in New Mexico with their two sons while she stays behind in AZ to sell her nail salon. At first, she was so brokenhearted without her boys and husband. She only gets to see them once a month at the most. But then, the Lord showed her that He had a plan for her time of solitude. He gave her a hunger and thirst for His word that she never had before. She has been spending much of her evening hours with the Lord, and He has filled her heart with such joy. She feels He is preparing her for something and wanted her to have uninterrupted time with Him in order for those preparations to happen.

Sue J. said...

There is no question that you are going through an immense amount of "life" at the moment. I am so glad that you continue to reach out to us almost daily, that you continue to go through your treatments without complaint, that you continue to seek the very best for your girls--even in the toughest of circumstances.

I think that thought about how God never gives you more than you can handle is one that is often misquoted. What I hope you realize is that God wants you to know His grace and that is what is going to pull you through everything. God doesn't expect you, Cindy, to handle all of this. He expects you to follow Him in faith, as you are, and as you pray.

And we will continue to lift you up, that God will continue to work amazing things through your and life, that you might know the full measure of His grace!

Prayers for treatment tomorrow and for His encouragement to cover you as the girls take their first steps in adjusting to the newness in their lives. He is with all of you!

Robin said...

WOW! How much more? I trust that everything will be just fine. Mike will love having his hands full and you will be able to get lots of much needed rest.
What school will the girls be going to?
Just think.... With everyone gone from the house there will be a lot less house cleaning to do before it is shown.

I pray that your house sells quickly so you can join your family in Charlotte. God has so many wonderful things planned for your family. I just cannot wait until your rewards start rolling in. You deserve them. Stay strong!

Love ya

Cindy said...

Wow! What a shocker! I am sure this is all a part of God's complete plan - but really!

I will be doing double prayer duty for you!

I am grateful for God's strength, wisdom and love during trials!

Blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you, Mike and the girls. I know you will miss them, but it will give you time for yourself. You have been through alot and still have more to go - do something for Cindy - something that maybe you have wanted to do for a long time and just put it off. Go for it girl - you deserve it. It can be a time of re-freshing! As for the girls, they will be fine. Children are stronger than we give them credit. I remember we moved in the middle of my Son's junior year. I thought he would die - but he didn't - he actually handled it better than I did. His grades even improved. After about a month - he told me he was glad we moved. So relax, Mike will make sure they're taken care of and He has Stephanie and Jon for helpers. Relax Cindy, all is going to be fine. God's still in control. Love ya, Gayla

On Purpose said...

Praying for Mike as he truly will have his hands full...knowing that God will supply all the strength and energy he needs to keep up with three beautiful life filled girlys!

Praying for the girls as they make this huge transition on Monday. Praying for new friends to be made for each of them...quickly!!

Praying for you to keep enduring, fighting and believing.

Love to you my friend and prayers up to Him!

The Summers Family Team can DO this in His strength!!

Anonymous said...

Bless You...May you remember there is a purpose....
Love, Hugs and Prayers
Laurie (Oregon)
Believe & Hope

Melanie said...

Please let me know if there is anything you and Mike need to help with the girls. I'm working from home full time now so I have a lot more flexibility during the day. Patrick and I are here for anything that you need, and we are continuing to pray for you and your family.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I know it's a lot girl, but hang in there. Please do not forget that I am just a phone call away and I'd be so happy to help with the girls if I can in any way. Much love!! Keep pressing through!!