Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 20 We have 3 winners

I am so glad my husband was wrong this morning. On the way to radiation my husband so you will have 15 treatments today and I said "O No You Didn't" I said no I have 20 down today so we went back in forth no 15 no 20 no 15. So I thought maybe I was wrong?? Well I saw the doctor today. He said your skin looks good. I was thinking are you crazy if this is good I don't know what bad would look like. So give God Praise for my skin looking good. He also said that I had 10 to go. So yes I am glad you were wrong Baby!

Today is Friday and you all know what that means! I see my girls tonight. Continue to pray for them during their travels in the rain. Miss you girls:)

And the winners are:
winner #1 koozie-Tracy @ Our Journey
winner #2 koozie-Laurie Love, Hugs and Prayers
winner #3 fight like a girl T- Cindy @ Consider It All Joy
send me your info

Congrats and thanks for playing with me. Next weeks giveaway will be fun too.

fighting like a girl


THE CALLS said...

20 treatments! That is great!!! You are so close to finishing with them. My husband's radiation got the worse like 2 weeks after he was done. Thank you for Aguaphor! We got it at Walmart. It almost looks like Vaseline. It has helped his so much. It has made my hands feel like silk just from rubbing it on his leg.

Good luck with the next 10 treatments. Before you know it, you'll be all done. We are still praying for you. Stay strong!


Robin said...

10 More... WOW girl you have really kicked butt here. Your picture is beautiful.

Have a great weekend with your family....

Love ya bunches

skoots1mom said...

prayers for your treatments...
great pic
enjoy your weekned...
my nephew is an reserve army lieutenant and he'll be heading back to the mideast soon...he's in his final stateside training.
it's nice to meet you.
i had colon cancer in 1999, this July is my 10-year mark!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

So very nice to meet you; best of luck and blessings to you in this fight you're in. One of my closest friends is in the fight of her life, too.

Leslie said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog yesterday. I haven't been very good at keeping it current, but your comment gave me the boost I needed. I just put a post up this evening.

I am so sorry for what you're going through. I love your "fighting like a girl" attitude! I put a YouTube link in my most recent post that you may like. Check it out if you have time. It sounds like you're going to be with your girls this weekend. Have a blast with them!

P.S. I'm jealous that you live in the South! We used to live in Chesapeake, VA. I'd move back in a heartbeat! We still vacation every year in the Outer Banks....but it's a much longer drive now:-(

Kim said...

It was encouraging to read your blog and see how you've been trusting God through the difficult months since learning you had cancer. Will hold you up in prayer as you finish radiation and prepare to move. What a lot to deal with!

I'm getting ready to have my first mammogram overseas. The year we spent in Africa I worked it to have one just before leaving the U.S. and one right after we got home. But now that we'll be here for 3 years, can't do that. Breast cancer DOES run in my family so I don't mess around! I've had biopsies/lumps removed three times and thankfully the tests have always come back okay.

But BC is one of those things that can strike randomly, as you've discovered. Hang in there, and keep fighting like a girl!

Jennifer said...

Checking in after a couple many good reports - including clean scans! And only 10 treatments left!! Woo Hoo...praying for a great week!

Kimberly said...

It was sweet of you to stop by my place and encourage me to follow my dreams. Thanks. :)

I love the shirt you gave away!

Blessings to you and your family. I am still praying for you.
Love and prayers,