Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bone Scan and Total Body-Pray Hard

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will be having a bone, head, pelvis, abdomen and chest scan. I asking if are praying, starting to pray or never have prayed for me to please pray for me tomorrow. I will be starting at 1045 until 2. Thank you so much for walking this with me. Please pass around:)

The girls are doing great and I can not wait to see them tomorrow night.

fighting like a girl with the support of all of you


Anonymous said...

Father, I pray for Cindy as she goes for body scans tomorrow. I pray the results will show all is clear. You are the great physician and we are asking for your healing. Let her feel your presence and give her Your peace. Be with Mike and the girls as they travel home tomorrow. Keep them safe and give them all a great weekend. Thank you for what you have done for Cindy and what You will do. Amen Love ya, Gayla

MiMi said...

I join Gayla in praying for you and asking God for your complete healing. I am praying that the scans will ALL be completely clear! I just set an alarm on my cellphone to go off in the morning at 10:40 reminding me to pray for you!

I am so glad that Mike and the girls will be coming home this weekend. Praying for traveling mercies for them.

You keep fighting and we'll keep praying and believing!

Love ya,

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Praying! Praying! Praying!! love you!!

THE CALLS said...

We are praying for you constantly!

Chuck said...

I'm praying for you. May you have peace in knowing God is right there with you. Keep fighting.

Cindy said...

I'm praying and will post a link to your blog right now!

Sheryl said...

Praying for peace. Praying that it goes quickly. Praying that God's hand is so evident in those scans - that they will be clear. AND praying that you enjoy your time with your family immensely!!

Anonymous said...

Lord your will be done...Father as I pray this, I pray Cindy understands fully the results of the scan done today. That you will give her peace and sweet assurance that you are with her always; remind to always lean on you and not her own understanding. Father give them a special weekend together as a family. Thank you Jesus for the testimony of Love & Faith this family has been to so many, and it's in Your Name I pray, amen.
Love, Hugs and Prayers
Laurie (Oregon)
Believe & Hope

Anonymous said...

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