Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Radiation Day 2

Day 2 of 30 treatments. Well I feel fine. I did take a short nap today. I am trying to keep my strength. I do feel a little sunburned. It has been so cold here so being outside has been very uncomfortable. If you have ever been sunburned and you get the chills that is the way it feels. So I can not imagine how it is going to be if this is only number 2?

I go to my oncologist tomorrow after radiation. So I have bunch of questions. I have not seen her since Dec 31. I will be getting my port flushed. Icky-Yucky- I am such a wimp:)

Thank you for praying for me and walking with me everyday. Praying for complete healing. Praying for protection during this next few weeks.

Love Cindy


Robin said...

I am so glad you are doing okay. This will be a peice of cake after the Chemo for you.
The only thing that helped my mother in law with the sun burned feeling was the Aloe, and the Raditation department has some other gel if the Aloe does not seem to help. Wearing loose clothing. Must inportant thing is to wear sunblock and stay covered even in the shade.
Sugar Free peppermint will help if your mouth becomes dry.
Stay strong and remember we are all praying and beleiving.

Love ya

THE CALLS said...

Hi Cindy!!!! Those 30 treatments will go fast. My husband was done with his 25th last Thursday. It is so good to stay home with our kids for a few weeks. I know what helped my husband is his love for puzzles. There is nothing in the world that he loves doing more on his spare time. When I saw all those puzzles at Huntsman, I thought they were heaven sent. Do something you love while you wait. He was also planning his next play to direct. It is almost like he didn't want to be sick and I don't think his mind was at Huntsman, it was in Idaho with all the projects he had going on. The blog that my son created for him, helped him so much. The comments that the people left meant so much to him. He has never liked blogging, but I would catch him checking his comments constantly. We will keep on leaving comments for you my dear. We pray for you always. Be strong my friend. You will get through this. Also rest, rest, rest. As far as the radiation burn, I know yours will be worse because the chest is more sensitive than a leg. We constantly put lotion every morning, middle of the day, and bed time. It didn't get too bad. Good luck!
We go back for surgery in three weeks. They will take the tumor out and if no cancer is left behind he is done with radiation. If there is cancer left, they will do 8 more treatments of radiation. We are praying that no more radiation. He is so glad to be in his classroom with his students right now.

Love, Sayda

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

If ever there was a whimp in breast cancer it would NOT BE YOU!!! =) I love you girl! Praying for the burning feeling to go away. Ouch!