Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 more days of Radiation

I am a walking drug store right now. What am I using? Well I am using pure Aloe (not the green or blue we always use after we go to the beach) because it does not have alcohol. I have learned that the other stuff actually dries out your skin. So try pure aloe from the health food store it is a great healer. I use polysporin on the parts that are raw. I use vitamin E pills (pop them and pour on the skin) and cooling lotion without parabins (toxic chemicals). I also am stretching and trying to fight the tighten of my skin. It is a lot but I rather do more than not enough. Continue to pray for me during this last week.

3 more days, 3 more days! I cant say that enough today.

The girls are coming here on Thursday and I am so excited. Thank goodness for Spring Break:)

Friday will be time to celebrate so I will have a giveaway. So pop back and help me celebrate the end of a long 7 months. I know that I still have a long time ahead of me but it is nice to see the end of this chapter. Racing to the finish line and fighting like a girl.

I love you Mike, Alexa, Savannah and Madison Belle


The Patterson 5 said...

You are finishing this race God has put before you! You are a great warrior! May your last three days go by quickly! May the aloe and vit E soothe and may God continue to heal you and surround you in comfort!

THE CALLS said...

3 more days! Yay!!!!

Dick and I just saw a girl and her hubby going for a walk and she had a JP tube on each side of her just and it made us think of you.

Good luck with the rest of your journey. We pray for you always.

Thanks for your prayers and comments.

Cindy said...

I am sososo excited that we are almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!

You like that? "WE" are almost done???

Love ya, Cindy