Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am getting ready to walk out the door when the phone rang. Mrs. Summers our radiation machine is down. It will be down all day because they are flying in parts from somewhere else. Oh and not sure if it will be ready tomorrow. We will let you know. AARRRRGGGGHHH....NO NO NO NO I wanted to be done on Friday. This a real bummer. I did go to the gym though and walked an hour so I could chill out.

Be back later


Jennifer said...

Oh..I know that's disappointing! I can't check blogs every day and its been a few since I "checked" on you..and did not realize you were SO CLOSE!!! WooHoo

Be patient today - God surely has something else planned for today! Maybe just a break!!

So glad you are so close to done! Thanks for stopping by today - praying for you.

On Purpose said...

Hang in there girly...and don't let the enemy snatch one second of your day!

Celebrate in the Joy of your Jesus today...He knows what He's doing and He has a purpose for everything! Just stop for a second and look at the AMAZING work He has done in and through your life...that will make you dance around your living room!

I love you my friend!

Rebecca Jo said...

I was thinking the same thing Jennifer said... I know you wanted to be done, but maybe God knows something more... enjoy the day!

Leslie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! What a bummer! Perhaps God is just giving you some extra time to get ready for your girls to come home tomorrow. Maybe he's giving your body a break too so that you can feel good while spending time with them and giving you a chance to focus on His Son this week. I know you're disappointed, but He has a plan for you! (I'm not exactly little Suzy Sunshine when things don't go my way!)

MiMi said...

So sorry that you aren't going to be finished on the day you had planned. God must have something else planned for you!

Can't believe that you are soooo close to being finished! God has been so faithful, hasn't He?

The Patterson 5 said...

Oh I am were all reved up to go! Enjoy your "free" day!