Monday, May 11, 2009

It was Amazing-Relay for Life

Thanks for all your comments. It was a great show on Friday night. I am in Greenville and I left the camera in Charlotte so I will post pictures over the weekend. You all would have been proud of me. I wore my purple while giving God all the Glory! I even went w/o my wig towards the end of the night. You all know how hard that was for me. So you will get to see some great pictures. Thanks to all of you who came out to support me. Hemby Bridge had a fabulous tent. Thanks for being so great to me and the girls. Ms. Stanley it was great to meet your Mom. She is a fighter! To all the teachers and staff you all are wonderful and you represented your school with honors. I am proud to be a part of HB. I am still fighting like a girl!!

Tonight was awards night at Alexa's school in Greenville. I attended and little did I know she was getting a trophy:) It could not have come at a better time. She is going to be so happy on Friday when I can hand it to her. She just found out that she did not make the squad here in Charlotte. So lots of tears:(

The girls are feeling better and Mike is starting to feel bad so thanks in advance for you prayers.

I went for genetic testing today and I will get the results in 2 months. Pray for my results to come back negative. It will lower my girls risk for this terrible disease.

I owe you all a lot of pictures. So I will be back in Charlotte on Friday to work on that.

I have my radiation follow up on Thursday. Praying that he gives me a good check and that everything is fine.

Nothing on the sell of the house. I am leaving in God's hands!!

Much love

Happy Mothers Day Late to all of you wonderful Moms


Robin said...

I am so proud of you. I just I could have been there with you.

God has done such WONDERFUL things through you and in turn you have showed us all courage, faith & the benifits of positive thinking. Thank you for that. And I want to thank you again for allowing us to share this journey with you.

We love you

My ADHD Me said...

God has definitely laid his hand on you. I'm hoping all the angels, here on earth, that have been praying for you and your family have helped and also that the prayers continue.

NOW, Yes, I am so slow at responding but I had to tell you THANK YOU for the letters for my car....aka....Chatty Kelly's car. They are just SO much "her". I told her she had to take pictures and post them. Also, they are smaller than I imagined....which is a good thing. I like them even better than I did in the pictures!

Not sure if I told you or not, but I was going to get them for my son's Pink May Kay New Yorker. I figured they would "go" with the whole effect. His wise words changed my mind, "Mom, do you really think I need anything at all on my rear window that could distract or obstruct my view?" POINT TAKEN!!

Thank you again..

P.S. I received them SO fast after I finally got you my address!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Your welcome Mary!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Oops You're Welcome! I guess I need to wake up before I start:)

The Patterson 5 said...

Praises for your amazing relay race! God is shining through you and encouraging so many! You are a blessing!

Edie said...

Kudos to you Cindy! I just sit here reading your post and wonder if I could be as brave and strong as you have been through this battle.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Much love to you!

Cindy said...

Glad things went well.

Yeah for the trophy - I'm sure that will be an encouragement to her.

Continuing to pray.

The Call's said...

Sounds great! We can't wait to see pictures. That must have been such a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing showing us your faith. It helps us so much.

Congratulations to your daughter for making the squad. My daughter, Bree cheered in Jr High and High School. She loved it and we loved seeing her cheer at the games.

Jennifer said...

Our relay is this coming weekend - so glad you had a good time!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!