Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost Puppy

So I am in Charlotte still. I am trying to keep up around here. I feel like a lost puppy pulling out me hair. The only thing is my hair is not long enough to pull out:) I am going to ask for a few prayer request. Alexa and Savannah have not been feeling well. Pray for a quick get well.

Alexa has cheer leading tryouts tomorrow. She has worked hard and really wants it. So say an encouraging prayer for her.

I miss everyone and cant wait to catch up on your blogs and catch you up on me.

relay for life May 8 & 9


Leebird said...

Did you get an email from me?

On Purpose said...

Praying for healing for the girls!

Oh and Miss go girl! Go give it your best and let God do the rest!

Love to the Summers Family and prayers up to Him!

Robin said...

I pray for both of them to feel better soon. I also hope & pray that your daughter makes the tryouts. With her looks & spirit they would be a fool not to pick her.

Have you found a house in Charlotte? Has there been a buyer for your home in Greenville?

I might be coming to Charlotte for a day soon and I would love to see you for a qiuck visit.
My son in laws grandpa died so they are coming in for the service. I will get my other daughter to pick me up so I can spend the day with my grandbabys. I can't wait.

Hope you are well. Give everyone my hugs and kisses. Always remember that you are prayed for daily.

Love ya

Rebecca Jo said...

Take care of yourself!!!

Suzanne said...

Praying for them! :)

Kimberly said...

I am praying for you and your family!!! You had been on my heart this it was neat to come home and see your name in my inbox!

K :)

Cindy said...


Continuing to pray for all of you.

How are things going on the sell of your home?

Knowing that God has His mighty and healing hand on your sweet family.

Blessings, Cindy

Leslie said...

Oh, I hope the girls are feeling better! Our elementary school does different things to gear up for Relay for Life. They have penny wars between the classes and sell lollipops during lunch time. I believe if the teachers make a donation they can dress casually on Fridays.

Prayer and Blessings,

DeeDee said...

good to visit with you today...
I see you are a wife to a active Soldier.
My son has just started the second deployment today. Not left country yet - but coming soon. At drill this weekend...
Good to meet you here in blogland...
Sweet Blessings to you!