Friday, June 11, 2010

1st day of Summer break

I loved getting up early, no making lunches, no school. This is the first day in a while that I did not do much. It was wonderful. Savannah is off on her 5th grade graduation adventure with my Mom. She is having a blast. The other two hit the pool and did some chores. Which gave me some time to reflect on everything that is going on. I definitely am looking forward to having more days like this. This Summer I am going to start spending more time taking care of me. Things I want to get in to:

So need to get into an exercise routine. Having gone through chemo and radiation it sure takes a toll on your body.

Spend more time doing things that I really want to do or go see. Not just say I am.

Blogging more and catching up on others. You all were very good to me. I love seeing what everyone is up to.

Spend more time one on one praying....quiet time gives me a kick start to my day.

My girls.....just love listening

Watching my soldier love serving his country and thank him more

I could go on and on.....I just think this Summer is going to be great.

My 1st day of Summer break was refreshing:)

fighting like a girl

Loved visiting Dover at their cookout- thanks again for your donation of 825!!


Cindy said...

Yes, I agree, it is totally time to take care of YOU!! Lovin' on yourself and your family! I don't think it is selfish, I actually think it is healthy! God has so many plans for you, He needs you healthy and well, filled with energy and happiness to be the blessing He has called you to be.
I believe and pray that our precious Lord will give you courage, strength and peace as you walk this new path and take care of HIS temple:)
You are awesome!

Lauren said...

Your summer plans sound fabulous. After all of the chemo, radiation and school related stresses it is good to hear you are taking your newly found time to enjoy the things that are important to you. This summer will be a great time for healing. I'd like to encourage you to share tips and advice on your breast cancer experience by joining a national movement of breast cancer survivors. To learn more and join, go to Enjoy your summer!