Thursday, June 24, 2010

Army Wives.....who is your favorite?

I am a super fan of this show. I use to drag my husband in to watch it on Sundays while I was going through treatments. He would watch it with me but was not into all the drama like I was. So most of you know that I am in a contest. Thanks to all who nominated me. I am very excited, nervous and waiting to hear right now. I love that you all are supporting me and Cindy's Hope Chest. Being an Army wife is tough enough and adding a terrible disease like cancer just does not seem fair sometimes. But I am fighting like a girl! My husband and girls are strong when I am weak. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. Good Luck to the other women. This could be big for Cindy's Hope Chest. Helping others is my passion. So do you like the Army Wives show? What is your favorite scene? Who is you favorite wife? Leave a never know who is reading this post:) Pamela.....what do you think about her? She tells it like it is.
Joan.....having a rough time right now.....Whats your thoughts on her?

Roxy....crazy and wild and full of you think she is gonna have a baby?

Denise.....what do you think about her? Her husband? Having a baby?

Claudia Joy....boy did I cry when she lost her do you think she is handling her life?

I love them who is your favorite? I might be meeting one or some of them!!!!
fighting like a girl


Alia said...

Claudia Joy is my favorite :) So classy and smart. She always knows just what to do it seems. Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I love Denise (except for when she had an affair) I can relate the most to her and I think our husbands are similar. I just love Army wives!

Kristin said...

I love Claudia Joy! She is a great 'momma' to all the ladies! New follower:)

The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

Claudia Joy is my favorite! Since I am a lifer Army Wife I aspire to be similar to her one day! I love all of them in their own right though! Joan is my least favorite, but I think that is because I can relate to her the least. I think it is amazing that Denise is having a baby and I really hope Roxy gets pregnant again!

SAYDA said...

I love the make over from the previous post. Make overs are always so much fun. I don't watch Army Wives.

SS said...

I love the show, so hard to pick just one favorite. All of the women have traits that I admire.... and some that I don't. But that is what I like about the show, they show the good, the not so good, and the growth.

There was one episode I saw just a couple of weeks ago that had me all over the emotional map, it was when Joan returned home and the struggles with her baby, Denise with the news of her baby and having to also let Roxy know the news, and then the scene when Chase left the house and Pamela was standing in the door watching him drive off. Oh my goodness, for me that was one of the most emotionally packed episodes that touched many of my own hopes and fears.

Miss Jody said...

OMG! I love this show! I was bummed when we moved here to Arkansas and the cable co. we went with-doesn't offet this channel. what???!!! Yeah- I know!
So, I've been resorting to netflix to get caught up!
Love this show.
When my Mr. was deployed I got into this series...I bawled every episode...I totally related to everything on every series...
great show!

Stacy said...

HI Cindy-thanks for stopping by....I went back through your old posts to try to catch up on your life's story with breast looks like you were diagnosed in fall 2008? Is that right? Did you choose chemo before surgery? Would love to hear more of your specifics. It is all so new. I've talked to a couple of friends and acquaintances who have had breast seems each story and cancer is a little different. Crazy new world! Thanks for sharing your story and praising God that it seems you are doing well.