Monday, June 14, 2010

Visit from my (blog) friend Nicki from three girly girls

Ha I am having so much fun. Summer!! It has been a busy few weeks. The Sunset Club benefit was a huge success and now I am back to catching up with all Cindy's Hope Chest friends. It seems like everyday I meet someone new. I know how they feel. So many emotions. I am working on a few things for some women. Baskets, meals and gc from some different places. Everyone has a different need. I love surprising them. I love seeing the look on their faces when CHC can help them with a need. I know when I was going through treatments the smallest thing have me hope.

So last week I was talking to my girlfriend about doing some home improvements at my sisters house. She has been sweet to let me stay here while I am trying to sell my house. She went crazy with excitement. So today she was here with a rug and paint colors. So it is on..... Nicki has a budget of 500. So we will see. She will be back tomorrow to paint! Check out her blog. It is on my sidebar. Maybe tomorrow she can show me how to link stuff. Love ya Nicki

I need some suggestions on what I call the women I'm helping? Friends, patients, recipients, clients?? What do you think?

fighting like a girl

Pray for my house to sell......I need to move


On Purpose said...

My vote would be to call them very purposeful and are reaching out with the heart of Jesus...and Jesus calls us His friends! Just my vote :) I can't wait to see the beautiful magic Nicki whips up on your sweet sisters house!

Anonymous said...

I agree I would call them friends. It shows them how much you value them and deeply care. And we all should be friends in Christ. I hope your house sells. I will be praying for you!

Running the race said...

Cindy, I am excited to see what Nicki is going to do...Nothing like having some preasure huh? How about bc sisters? As I have been on this journey for less than a year I look at the bond I have developed as with other women in that way. Any way just my thoughts:)