Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wow knock me down.....can i get a break?

I am having one of those moments. Yea the one I am trying to help other women not have. I just want to start off by asking you to stop reading for a moment and pray for me. I am having a rough time right now. Pray for healing and protection.

Now I will fill you in. Are you faced with death everyday? I hope not. That is why it is so important for us to find a cure. It is just crazy. A few weeks ago I was testing to see how I metabolize tamoxifen. It is a clinical first one. I thought for sure that I would be fine. Well I got the call today. You are placed in one of three groups. Excessive, intermediate or poor. Of course I was placed in intermediate which means. That I have not metabolized the medicine the last yr and half to the fullest. So I have been in a funk all day. What does this mean. Starting tomorrow I will be taking double the dose for 4 months and then retested. Side effects?????? Worried....yes! Now I have to go back and read all that because I was so thinking I was good and would not have to do this. Can I get a break.....enough is enough! I cant even finish.......

Lord give me the strength
ps-i need one more person to reveal my is a great cause and I need your help more then ever:)


On Purpose said...

One step at a time my sweet and precious friend! Remember He knows all, sees all, and is in control of all. Even when we feel like nothing is control and everything is spinning crazy! I love you, and you know I am committed to pray!

Jessica said...

Definetly praying for you!
God is in these moments and none of this is a suprise to Him. Praying for you! and sending you a hug!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh mercy... I think I'll be on this as well at some point. I'd better read up on it, but I'll wait until d-Day. First things first...