Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 13-Many tears fell last night but I am feeling better:)

I am slowly feeling better. I am so thankful for days like this. It sure is scary sometimes. I had a week planned of thanking everyone and involving the children with my blog...But I am just so tried and run down. So here goes a short version with a big heart of love:

I am sending wishes for families everywhere to enjoy your families (even if you normally don't), reach to someone who may need a hug, share with someone why you are thankful for them, call someone who you may have been on the outs with, smile at someone you don't know, pray for someone who may not know the Lord,be kind to yourself and enjoy tomorrow!

I am sooooooo thankful for all of you. I do not think I have seen a better example of God's love spreading around this world like this blog circle. I am so lucky to have found you and we know that this was in the plan. Please join with me in Praising God for all of things He has given me. You are a part of me forever and I am forever grateful. Please know that I am praying for all of you and thank you for sharing when you do. Thank you women on the west coast, Alexa is happy making bracelets. Thank you for loving me and my family. Love Cindy(Fighting Hard)



MiMi said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hope that your entire family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for having "met" you through this blog world and for having the privilege of praying for you. It's so exciting to watch God work in your life!

Thanking God for you and still praying and BELIEVING!

Cindy said...

You are an inspiration to us all.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family.
I am posting a special Thanksgiving note tomorrow and will have a link to your blog on it.

I love being a part of your healing.

Blessings to you, Cindy

Robin said...

I have been so worried about you. We will all pray for your strength to return.
Heavenly Father we thank you for all the wonderful things you do for us. We lift Cindy Summers and her entire family up. We ask for a complete healing. We thank you for all of the strength you have given her family. Amen

Tommorow when everyone goes to church, lets get everyone in our congragation to pray for Cindy's healing. With God we can do this.

Happy Thanksgiving