Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 19

Yesterday I was fine. I just got busy and my Aunt came by to visit from Wilmington. So we stayed up catching up. I was so tired last night so I crashed.

This morning I am feeling good. I look forward to the last week. I hope it is always this way. The only thing is the anxiety. I start getting nervous going through the treatment. I have thoughts that start running. So pray for me to be more relaxed this week.

Next treatment is Nov 14
5th treatment Dec 5
6th treatment Dec 26

Pray for complete healing. One thing that I know that I want is a life with purpose-thanks to a friend.

Praying for a wonderful day
Love Cindy
9 days til Madison's 8th birthday


The Patterson 5 said...

Prayers for your anxiety to be made peaceful and for the treatment days to come. Prayers for complete healing. Many thanks to you, your husband and family on this Veteran's day.

On Purpose said...

Oh Cindy may you KNOW right this very moment that God is all over you and HE is fulfilling a VERY important purpose in you and through you...and it's all about Him!

I love you! I love your smile, your family, your heart and I love that you life shines just how amazing God is!

More importantly...Cindy God loves you! May you know He is holding your hand and He was there yesterday, right now and will be there on Friday sitting right next to you as your treatement is delivered!

Sue J. said...


You sound good! And what a great weekend you all had!! When the wrong kind of distracting thoughts come in, fill your mind with the great laughs you had this past weekend.

God knows about your anxiety, and that you have shared it with us is one more way that He's working it out. Prayers for His great peace to cover you on Friday (and that He fill your head with smiling girls in pink PJs!).

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I understand your feelings - I always had trouble keeping my mind clear right before a treatment. The one thing I can give you is in Deut. 31:6 "Be strong and take courage for the Lord your God goes with you. Cindy, God doesn't always take us out of our storms but His promise is that he will go with us through the storms. He will maintain you and sustain you. He will never leave or forsake you. WOW - that is one more precious promise - that's what got me through those days and it will you also. Keep focused on the one in control. You are doing great - You are in my thoughts and prayers. Gayla