Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cindys Status

Cindys Surgeon said the surgery went as planned and no complications! She has been in a private room for about 90 minutes now and is resting(pain meds). She is doing ok and I should be bringing her home sometime thursday. Her mom will stay with her tonight and I will go home with the kids. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Shes a fighter and the strongest person I know! I will update again thursday unless she ask me to add any details later tonight if time permits. thanks again!!!!


Sue J. said...

Praise God, Mike! That's wonderful news. Continued prayers that she have a restful night, as it will be a tough thing to return home so quickly (as much as it will be a joy for her to be home with you all).

Celebrate with the girls and get some rest yourself....

He is so good!

Sheryl said...

thanks for updating. will pray that she has a restful, uneventful night!

trusting God,

Cindy said...

Praising God and continuing to pray for a restful night!!

On Purpose said...

Yippee! God you just are so aswesome...thanks for steady hands in the surgery room! Thank you for equipping surgereons to be your hands on earth to heal, repair and restore!

Thank you Mike for filling in and running the blog. We appreciate you! We are praying for your strength to continue on!

Trust and know He has her in his mighty hands!

Jennifer said...

AMEN - thanks for the update!

Tracy @ our Journey said...

I am so glad to know that the surgery went well.

I will be praying for you all.

To Savannah: Kayla got your letter in the mail today. She likes her stickers! She will get a letter out to you very soon!

Edie said...

That's great news! Thank you for updating us Mike. Praying for complete healing and quick recovery.

Rich blessings to you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Thank you for your loving care of Cindy. I ask that you continue to strengthen her. Thank you for her loving husband - strengthen him in the days to come as he cares for Cindy. Be with the girls as they help their Mom. I give you all the praise - Amen
Love ya, Gayla