Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 8 RESULTS tomorrow-cancer please be gone

Tomorrow is my dr appt. How am I feeling? Well I am very nervous. I thought a lot about it. Of course when you do not know anything your mind leaves you alone. On the other hand when you have results your mind makes you feel and think everything. Boy has my live changed so much. I wonder if I will ever feel the same. Will I ever feel peace? When I think about this it is disappointing. I went from a happy soldiers wife with three great kids and lots of family and friends in a simple life to a scared, nervous confused girl with a very busy life. I do believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes patience while figuring out where you go from here.

Tomorrow are my results! Am I cancer free? Is there anything positive? Oh Lord I want this so much. I want it so bad. I am praying for a miracle. I am praying hard. Please allow me to continue to serve you. Please join with me tonight.

Love you all
fighting like a girl

I would like to share a poem from Alexa-be back in a bit


The Patterson 5 said...

May you and your family feel the peace of Christ tonight so you may rest in knowing He is in control and will be glorified through your life. I am praying along with you for cancer free results and continued strength in fighting "like a girl!"

My ADHD Me said...

I'm praying!

Conya said...

I believe the power of prayer has worked for you!!! Text me tomorrow with your results. You are a great friend, wonderful Mom and a beautiful wife. You will always be those things! Put all your worries in His hands and reap the rewards tomorrow!

Rest well,

Anonymous said...

Hold fast to your faith in our God. He has everything already worked out for you Cindy. He will be with you, Mike and your family tomorrow just as he has been on this journey. Believe in your heart, mind and soul that things are going to get better. He has already put a ministry in your life. You are a blessing to so many. Snuggle up to that wonderful husband of yours tonight and let God give you both a peace and a good nights rest. God hears all the prayers going up from all over. Love and hugs to you all. Please let us all know when you feel like it. Angels are camped all around your family. Love, Yvonne

Jennifer said...

Promising to pray...


On Purpose said...

Praying for tomorrow!

Robin said...

I know you are scared. Everyone is when faced with uncertainty. Just remember you are not walking into the doctors office alone. You have the LORD with you and he will help you tonight and always.

We are praying, beleiving and claiming cancer free results.

Love ya

Edie said...

I have been praying for cancer free results too Cindy. Lean on Him. He is with you. He is your Strength.

MiMi said...

I am praying for you today, Cindy! The Lord knows the desires of your heart and He hears your prayers. I am joining you in praying for a miracle.

Whatever the results are, the Lord will be right there beside you, just as He has been through this entire journey and so will many, many friends who love you very much and count it a privilege to lift our sister up in prayer!

Place all of your cares on HIM because He cares for you!

Still prayin' and believin',

Anonymous said...

Cindy, all those feelings you are having are normal. Will you ever be the same - NO. You will be a better person - you will appreciate life more - love your family more if that's possible - appreciate the little things in life - things that most people take for granted. Will you ever have peace - that's something that only God can provide. Trust Him and I promise - He will supply that peace that passes all understanding. Cindy, some of the biggest blessings of my life came as a result of breast cancer. You are going to get through this and be able to see those blessings in your life. God has brought you this far and He's not finished with you yet. Keep trusting Him - He loves you and so do I. Pray for you daily, Gayla

Joyful said...

Didn't read this until today. Praying for you right now. Don't know if you have the results yet or not...entrusting you in His care.

Love, prayers and hugs,