Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My arm.....ouch

OK so I have had 3 Dr's now yell at me about my arm. If you have lymphedema and you have some advice PLEASE get back to me. It is bothering me bad. I am working on finding someone who can help me with the lymphatic drainage. So will you stop and say a little prayer for me. I need some relief.

Hope every ones healthy.

fighting like a girl


Nichole said...

Dear Jesus please lead and guide Cindy to the 'right' care for her arm, thank You, Amen

mommynursearmywife said...

Have you tried a compression sleeve. It helps shunt the lymph fluid back into you lymph sysytem. You could try sleeping with you arm elevated. Or occasionally elevate arm above your head several times a day. Hope this helps.

SAYDA said...

I know when my husband had it really bad on his leg. He had a huge pocket inside where they removed the tumor and so much muscle that would feel up. The had him go to physical therapy and they would massage it from his toes all the way up his groin. After that, they would put a compression stocking that was electric for about 30 minutes. They would measure it before and after and it was amazing how much smaller it would get. That helped him anyway. I hope it gets better my friend. You will be in my prayers most definitely!