Friday, February 6, 2009

Doctor appt

Yesterday's appt went fine. My drains can out and I was happy about this. Now all I have to do is heal from surgery and I can start radiation. I am scheduled to have 30 treatments. My prayer request is to be cancer free. I know they took the lymph nodes out and I had my breast removed(sounds weird) but the fact that the chemo did not kill the cells complete is very unsettling. I need and pray so much for this to work. Continue to pray hard for me.

Next appt is Feb 18 with the radiation. Mike is leaving on Monday. I have my house up for sale. Lots to lift up and pray about.

Praises: Primary cancer gone, successful surgery, lymph nodes removed

Thanks for remembering me always. If you need a bracelet let us know. It seems 2 did not make it again. NH and I think NY



Anonymous said...

Cindy, I know you are scared but remember - you are not finished with your treatments. The primary is gone - they remove the lymphs and now we are trusting the radiation to finish the job. God promises in His word that where two or three agree in prayer - He will answer. You have people praying all across this country - all praying for your healing. I believe those prayers are not falling on deaf ears. He hears and I believe you are going to be living proof He answers. Keep looking up and keep trusting. Hope to have our wedding pics this weekend. I'll send them to ya to see when we get them. Love ya, Gayla

Cindy said...

I was just able to get caught up on all of your latest posts! Cute haircuts!

What a sweet and wonderful post from Mike. You have a keeper Cindy.

I continue to pray for peace in your life. I cannot imagine all of the emotions you must have swirling around within you.

I only know that God is always with you and He will NEVER leave you. He loves you so much and even though none of us understand all the ups and downs of life - one thing is for sure - He is the master planner and His purposes WILL BE FULFILLED!

Praying Hard!

Robin said...


It was truly amazing to watch my mother in laws cancer shrink. The radiation is what shrank it. We were lucky to be able to watch her healing because she had to be scoped every 7-10 days {throat cancer} and we were able to compare the images. She just had her PET scan and she is cancer free.

This will work.. God is going to heal you.

We will all continue to pray and lift you up everyday.

Love ya,

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I'm praying for all the details to be worked out! I know this is going to be hard not having Mike around but I know the Lord is going to sustain you. I'm praying that every single day He will send you sweet reminders of His love for you.

MiMi said...

I was just able to get caught up on all of your posts. Your girl's new haircuts are adorable and what a beautiful post from Mike. I can tell that he loves you so very much!

I am sure that this is going to be a difficult time for you with Mike leaving, but I also know that God will take care of you. I will be praying for the quick sell of your house so that you will be able to join Mike very soon.

I am sure that you must be so relieved to have your drains out. I am praying for continued healing so that you can begin your radiation treatments and one day very soon be cancer-free!

Continue to focus on all the praises in your life! God has blessed you in so many ways.

Still prayin' and believin'!