Monday, February 9, 2009

Savannah's letter to Daddy

I will love and miss you forever and ever. Have a safe trip Bye P.S. see you in a week

I will miss you-Love you very much much much!

Dear Daddy,
i love you! I will always be your baby. Even though I am not a baby. I will love you forever and I will miss a lot. Hope you have a good trip. Text MG tell her you are using my phone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a good party. Sorry I could not make it. Thanks! I love you very much Have a safe trip! P.S. I will clean up after the sloppy Joes and take care of mommy

Love your best daughter


Tracy B. said...

How cute! Hope his time away goes by really fast!

Anonymous said...

Savannah, You are the sweetest girl along with your sisters that I have ever known. Your daddy will certainly miss his girls(all of them). You are so good to help with the household and taking care of your beautiful mommy. I am praying for you all. Miss you. Love and Hugs to you all. Yvonne