Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have a cross in the middle of my chest

I went to the radiation center today. I was measured and marked today. I felt a little weird when a cute, tiny, blond early twenties comes and gets me. Ms Summers? Come with me and put this gown on. She had to fit me for the CT scan. I was thinking "I wonder what she thinking when she is looking at me." I still have some stitches. I am very insure about the double mastectomy still. When I got home to look at the markings I see a cross in the middle of my chest. I took it as a sign that God was with me. I know it must look scary because it still is for me but I am push and fighting on. Thank you for all of your support and praying. Love you dearly.

As for my news. You all know that the Army has transferred us to Charlotte. (if anyone is attending She Speaks remember to let me know) Well since we move so much we have always sold our home by our self. Of course it is different times but I was planning on sticking with it. I had an open house for Realtors. One of the realtors approach me and said she wanted to help me. I thought of course everyone wants to help me. Realtors are hungry so everyone wants to sell me house. She said again no I want to help you! I look at her and said do you know me? She said I talked to your husband and I know you have cancer. She said that I have been passing your house for weeks now and I know that I am suppose to do this. I wish I could do this for everyone but this is the place I need to be. I am looking at her. She said that I want to tell your house for $0. I will not make any commission and the owner will not charge you anything. She said we need to take care of you and sell your house and get you to Charlotte with your husband. So I was brought to tears. So last night she had a stager come and work on my house. It was weird seeing 5 people moving stuff around. Alexa was feeling bad and not too thrilled with what they were doing. Anyway God is good and I can not wait to see what happens.

In the next few weeks I am going to be Paying Forward, Passing on a blog award that was giving to me by Mimi and Cindy(sorry I am behind) and a few Give Aways:) So lets have some fun. Make sure you check back.

My babies come back tomorrow! Miss you Savannah and Madison.

Love Cindy
fighting like a girl


Sue J. said...

What an amazing story, Cindy! Angels take many forms. Wow....

I'm sure the move will be tough on the girls, even though it will bring you all back together again. Staging is a major invasion of home appeal for you, even though it may be just the thing to make someone else interested. Hard to explain to girls who have a lot invested in their home. (That's all great, too, Cindy!)

Step by step, He is bringing you all through. Keep believing! Have a great reunion with the girls!

Jennifer said...

Wow - what a blessing! That is so exciting about the praying that it sells quickly and your family will all be together soon. It is always fun to watch God take care of all the details...

Thanks for sharing...

On Purpose said...

He works out all the details and will continue to take great care of you.

Because "He is cool like that"

The Patterson 5 said...

What a praise! I'm praying for a swift sale of your home with peace for you and your girls during this transition.

Love to you,

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Cindy Summers that is amazing!!! I love LOVE LOVE how God is working through this for you!! That is sooooo awesome!! And my friend that means you'll be back here sooner!! I can't wait!! =) That house is sold, we are just gonna claim it!! Love you girl!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that realtor is - I know God put her in your lives to encourage you and Mike. Phil. 4:19 says, He will supply our needs according to His riches in glory. I pray God will return to her one-hundred fold the time and money she is giving. God Bless her. I'm praying the house sells fast and you and the girls can join Mike. Plus the rest of the family will be glad also to have you close again. Praying daily for ya - Hugs, Gayla

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I sent you an e-mail.
Love, Hugs and Prayers
Thanking God for You and how amazing it is that You SEE HIM.
Believe & Hope
Laurie (Oregon)

THE CALLS said...

You stay strong too our dear friend. That is an amazing story. There is so many angels that surround us... isn't there? God bless you with your move. Wish I was there to help. It will be so great to be reunited as a family. Moves are hard on kids, but once they make new friends... the new friends are even better then the old ones. Everyone in schools love the new students, especially when they're as cute as your girls.
Love, Calls

Joyful said...

Cindy, thank you for sharing how the Lord is looking after you - AMAZING!!!

Isaiah 32:8 says, "My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

Acts 17:26 reminds us, "he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live."

The Lord will continue guiding you and you are surrounded with love and prayer.


Robin said...

Wow! What an amazing story. It just goes to show how God works in our lives.

Tell Mike & the girls hello.

Love Ya

MiMi said...

What a special blessing to have a realtor step forward and offer to list your house at 0% commission. God is definitely working in the lives of your sweet family.

I am praying and believing for the quick sale of your home so that you and the girls can be reunited with Mike very soon!

Still prayin' and believin'!

Cindy said...

Sorry I have not been by daily but please remember that I do pray for you daily.

So glad you enjoyed your time with Alexa and your other girls are coming home.

Wonderful about the realtor, God is so good and faithful.

Praying for all your needs!

Edie said...

Is God Awesome or what!? Yes! He always provides. He always comes though for us. This is a wonderful testimony Cindy.

I love that you sound so up beat now! Hang in there. God is with you.

Chatty Kelly said...

I so thrilled for you. God is good, all the time! He is right there with you, where he has ALWAYS been.

Emily Tallman said...

I am praying for you today.