Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 16- Good day with my Savannah

The girls are cutting my hair! I thought it was a good idea to get them involved.

Savannah and me hanging out today. The date on the picture is wrong. We were trying on hats today. Next will be wig fun:) If you see any cute hats or scarfs let me know.

She is making me feel better about my hair:)

Playing on the bed and just having girl time! She is going to grow some hair for me.

My inlaws sent my these gorgeous flowers. Thanks John and Monia

Mike hung this above my bed.
I had a pretty good day today. I just am getting a little anxious to see the doctor and see what she says about everything. I start wondering sometimes about the what ifs and it scares me. I am praying so hard. I pray that it does not spread. I pray that the chemo is working well. I am thankful for all my prayers that are being answered. I can not believe that I have done as well as I have. So thank you for lifting me up. To another beautiful day.
ps-how do I turn the pictures the right way?
Cindy,Carol,Denelle,Molly and Tom bracelets are in the mail


On Purpose said...

I sit here at my computer tonight, and my husband just brought in the mail...he handed me a card from North Carolina...and I started wondering.."who is sending me something?"

I feel so blessed to even get to pray for your family...and now I am sitting here wearing this BEAUTIFUL bracelet and tears are rolling down my face. These are tears of I always tell my boys!! I am thanking God for tonight I feel like you have welcomed me into your family.

Love to you and prayers up to Him!

Cindy said...

I love checking in on you everyday.
You are an inspiration and I am honored to be able to pray for your family.
Your kids are so precious.

As far as the picture turn. When you download them to your computer just right click on each one and you should get options such as turn clockwise/counterclockwise. Just click on which ever way you need to move it and it's done.

Sending my prayers out tonight.

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Hugs and prayers still coming you way from the letters above your bed. Don't ever give up hope.

MiMi said...

How sweet that you let your girls get involved in cutting your hair. And, BTW, you are one of those people that look great in hats!

Love the letters above your bed. What a sweet husband you have!

I read your comment about wanting to give my daughter, Faith, and me bracelets and we would feel so blessed to have one.

Still praying!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I love the pictures! You are so beautiful! Please know that cancer doesn't take that sweet glow away from your face!

ps-getting your thing in the mail TODAY finally!! ugh! Sorry! =)