Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 2

Today has been slow. I have been up a little here and there. I have been taken all pre-meds on time so I can kick the spinning that I feel often. Feeling like you are on a boat all the time. My mom and Mike have been taking very good care of me. I sure do not want her to go home tomorrow.

I pray for another day like today tomorrow. Thanks so much for your powerful prayers! I do feel it all around. The girls are fine.

Thanks Midi, Carrie, Mike, Stephanie,Michael and Keri for dropping everything and cleaning and sanitizing my house. Helping with the organizing so it will be easier for Mike to keep up with.

I am thankful for today!
Thanks to all my blog friends that are walking this journey with me. God is good!!!



MiMi said...

So glad to hear that you had a good day! I know that feeling like you are on a boat must be awful so I hope that you can continue to avoid that. I get motion sickness so I certainly know that feeling that you are talking about.

So glad that you have been able to have your mother with you during these first few days of treatment.

Yes, God IS good - ALL THE TIME!

jeannette said...

Hey Cindy! Just figured out how to contact you on this blog-which is awesome!! Our prayers are with you as you go thru these treatments. I hope that you get to feeling better-what a yucky feeling!! I know God is right by your side doing every thing He can to get you thru this. You can beat this,Cindy!! Peace be with you. Love and prayers to all.