Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day13 The day is coming...

Another good day. I felt pretty good today. I went through and did my regular routine. By the afternoon was tired so I took this body to rest:) I talked to the nutritionist and she said that my counts were very good so go ahead and eat more raw veggies and fruit while I can so I did and it was good! As I am amazed at how well I am doing I forgot about my hair until....


I guess the day is coming soon. My hair is coming out little bit at a time. It is almost like I am shedding so it is sad. I thought I was a little more prepared than I was this morning. It took me a good while to grow my hair and love it so:) I will be OK thou.

Tomorrow another game and I hope to make it! At least I made the first so we will see. Thanks again for walking this journey with me. I hope that someone like myself can use this to guide them and encourage them. Since BC does not run in my family I did not know what to expect so here is my way of the real deal. A day in the life of a 38yr old mom living and coping with breast cancer. Fighting is the only option!

Sweet Dreams


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Hey girl! Just catching up on everything that's been going on with you. sorry I haven't been by in a few days, I've got some horrible eye infection and it makes it very hard to see.

I'm so sorry about your hair. You do have beautiful hair and I KNOW it will grow back just as pretty!! I love your outlook on things, keep staying positive!!

Glad to hear also about your counts, I will keep praying for positives to keep coming your way! love you so and hope you make it to that game!!

MiMi said...


I am so glad that you had another good day yesterday.

I am sorry to hear about your hair, but everyone that I know that has ever experienced this, has had their hair grow back even more beautiful than it was before. I am sure that it is very hard for you, but you will be beautiful regardless.

I hope that you can make it to that game today and we want to see some pictures, if possible!

Eat plenty of raw fruits and veggies and stay strong!

Believing for blessings,

Cindy said...


I am so proud to say I am getting to know you. You are truly a remarkable woman facing a trial with dignity, influence and a positive attitude.

I work with a woman who went through chemo about 5 years ago. Her hair is more beautiful now than ever before. It is really interesting how God works those things out.

I am continuing to pray for you and your family.