Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 1 Back at home

First to my sister thank you for racing for a cure. Thanks to who donated in my honor. Be strong and hold your head high. I love you. Julie, Sharon and Marla thanks for walking in my honor also. Love to all of you!

Well today was a long day. The surgery went fine. I am sooooo sore but I sure it is not going to last forever. Thanks so much for all you support, love and prayers.

I am feeling sick today but not too bad. I am taking a few more meds because of the surgery. So it maybe because of everything from today. I am praying that it will pass. I am not going to blog too much today. I just wanted my faithful warriors to know that I am ok and that I believe I will be healed

Pat thanks for the wish candle, Jamie and family thanks for dinner and all the wonderful gifts, Mary thanks for the bird feeder and Carol thanks for the believe plaque it hanging in my kitchen.

Mom thanks for coming and being with me. John and Monia thanks for being here for me and girls. Having both families here is a very safe an secure feeling.
Love Cindy
ps- dr said my lymph node is shrinking!!!!
Sing and Praise


On Purpose said...

Praises for the lymph node shrink! Yeah!! Praises for all the family and friends standing around you and lifting you up! Rest, relax and know He is holding tight on to you!

Love to you and prayers up to Him!

Carrie said...

Cindy and Family,
You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I miss you and hope to visit very soon. LOVE reading all the updates and you guys are being SO VERY STRONG!!!! There are so many people sending their prayers and support to you!!! Remember that when you are feeling weak. You are loved and cared for so much and by many people!!! Please know I am here for you if you need anything, anytime.
Love You!

Leebird said...

Thank you so much for keeping us posted, Cindy. I love shrinking lymph nodes! They are even better than shrinking thighs or shrinking belly fat! :) Keep on, girl...I, too, believe God will give you complete healing from this disease.

Love, Lee

The Patterson 5 said...

Thank you for the update. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

MiMi said...

Praise the Lord! That's wonderful news that the lymph node is shrinking!

I got the bracelets in the mail today and I was so excited to open the envelope. Tell Alexa thank you so much for making them and thank you for sending them to me.

I hope that you are feeling much better today and that you are not feeling sick anymore. Praying that the soreness will soon disappear as well.

Still praying,

Sue J. said...

Praises, indeed, Cindy! That's fantastic news....

And you're taking this so remarkably well. "I'm sick, but I'm still blogging!"

We'll keep holding you up!