Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 12-Halfway done with treatment 2

Savannah, Madison and me having fun with some hats. Of course one of my wigs:) Thank you God for giving me days where I can not get enough of my girls. I am by myself this week and I am looking forward to feeling normal. It is hard but being at home and taking care of everything will never get old.

Thanks John and Monia for all your help! Cant wait until you come back.

Thanks for all my cards in the last few weeks:
Tom,Juanita,Pat,Yvonne,Nichole,Gail,Keri. The girls love them. We are making bracelets this week and weekend. So I will email everyone when they are on their way. Thanks Sharon and Nichole for getting them out. It is going to be fun and Alexa is ready.

I want everyone to praise God and thank Him for taking care of me. He is hearing everyone and I want to give Him the GLORY that He deserves! Love you all.

I feeling much better today.

I wanted to show you where I had my port put in. I still has the strips over it. It is healing fine but it hurts sometimes and feels so weird. You can see the port under my skin right under the bottom strip. I sure hope I dont have to have it for longer than a year. This will be one of my scars that will be a reminder of how much you all have walk this journey with me. Love you!

Praying for stronger days and looking forward to feeling good. Have a wonderful day.


The Patterson 5 said...

You all look so beautiful! One thing I know for sure with or with out hair you are the most beautiful sight to those girls -I know you never thought you could be bald and beautiful but you are. May that port be just a scar soon. May it make it easier on you for your treatments.

Dear Lord,
Please be with Cindy's doctors give them wisdom, and compassion. Continue to be with Cindy and her family. Give her strength and bless her with, can't get enough of her girls days as those days are healing too! In Jesus Name, Amen.

MiMi said...

What a precious picture of you and your girls! You look like you could be their sister! BTW...You look great in a hat!

Praise the Lord that you are halfway through with the second treatment.

Still praying,

Cindy said...

You look great. I am so happy that the girls are helping to support you during this season.

It sounds as though you also have many friends and family who are walking this with you. That is so important.

I am continuig to pray from AZ.

Have a great few days alone. May God refresh and renew your spirit.

On Purpose said...

I LOVE this picture! You are all so beautiful, cute, adorable...I could just reach through the screen and hug your necks.

I Love you girls...may you all have a day filled with the peace, joy and love of God!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I love that picture!! So cute!!

Thanks for sharing all that you are!

Love you and praying daily!