Thursday, October 2, 2008

Went to the game

Enjoy and love you all!


Cindy said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day for a game.

I will be praying for you tomorrow.

God is with you!!!!

The Patterson 5 said...

Wow! That must be your daughters up there cheering! Oh how proud you must be! I am so glad you were there "cheering" her on as she cheered you and the team on!

crys said...

Cindy, it's Crystal in NC. I want you to know that I think and pray for you often. I am so proud of your bravery! Kristen prays for you and your family at every Cheerleading practise.

Wow, Alexa looks great up there cheering. Kristen is a flyer too. :-) God bless!

Cindy said...

It is 6:36 in Phoenix, AZ Pacific Time ~ I'm not sure what time it is where you are but I am praying for you right now.

Sue J. said...

Cheers to you for standing in His strength today! Prayers for your comfort and encouragement. So glad to know that you are surrounded with loving people who are in just the right place. And you can focus now on the task of recovery....resting in Him....enjoying your family!