Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 1- Praising God...Shrinking

I am back thank you so much for praying hard. I am so tired and feeling kinda icky. That is the drill thou.

The words that I long to hear every time I see my Dr: it is working...and I say how do you know...she says I seems to be 1cm and it was 2.4cm...I said what about a scan....she said we dont need one I can tell...she said after 3treatments it is working. Thank you Lord!

Dont lift the praises up throw them up and jump with me! I love you all. Well I am back to the beginning. Pray for a restful weekend. I am signing out tonight. I am so exhausted but so happy.

Love to all- Onie and Michele the girls say thank you! Yvonne and Nichole thanks for the cards!
Love and ThanksCindy

Cindy Happy 50th Birthday!


On Purpose said...

Woo-hoo! Praise God! Shouting. God thank You so much for showing us through todays visit that Your hand is not only on Cindy but Your mighty hand is shrinking this tumor. We are jumping with praises, joy and standing in complete awe of just how awesome Your are!

The Patterson 5 said...

Prayers for a restful weekend and praises that the chemo is working! Thanks for sharing the good news. I will continue to pray for healing.

Anonymous said...

Wearing pink and praying....Singing praises; every blesses you pour out we will return too praise...thank you Jesus. That is waaaaaaay COOL!
Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Hugs and Prayers. Laurie

My Army Brats and Me said...

Laurie I wore my pj's last night:)

Faith said...

Praise God! This is wonderful news and I am rejoicing with you!!

MiMi said...

Praise The Lord! This is wonderful news and what we are all believing for! Thank you, Lord, that Cindy's tumor is shrinking and the chemo is working!

Praying that you have a very restful weekend!

Leebird said...

Hi Cindy,

I got my bracelet yesterday; it made my week to receive it and to see your handwriting (I feel like I get to know a person better when I can see their actual handwriting)

I have the bracelet on, and I wore it to a Silpada jewelry party last night and explained it's significance to all the ladies.

Tell your daughter that "Faith" was just the word I needed on my bracelet. I'm really doing some housecleaning of my heart right now, and I need to be reminded to have faith that God can complete the good work He has started in me. So, tell her thanks for me.

Love you..and rejoicing in the shrinkage!

Cindy said...


I am so glad that all you are going through is helping to shrink that obstacle in your life. I am jumping and praising God.

I also cannot believe that with all you are going through you remembered my birthday ~ you are so sweet and a true friend ~ someday we will meet face to face.

Praying as always for a restful weekend my friend,

Anonymous said...

Met my daughter (Nichole) and the grand babies on their way through town today and received a bracelet. I picked out HOPE and that is such a great reminder to place our HOPE in God always....Glad your wore the silly pj's. Hope you are feeling better...Thank Your daughter for the bracelet...Love, Hugs and Prayers
Laurie (Oregon)

robin said...

Praise God!! We are all praying for you and for your complete healing.

You, Mike & your girls are a special gift to all of us.

Thank you for keeping us posted on your journey.