Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 14 white count tomorrow

ok lets pray that my white count is better tomorrow.

I have been reading a lot and looking at different foods. During different times I am able to eat different things. When my counts are good I like to eat most of my diet raw. Lots of organic veggies. The more I can stick in the salad the better. When my counts are down I eat more pasta and cooked veggies. So chicken is the only thing I am eating with pasta.

Low sugar and low fat. I have read cancer loves sugar and fat cells. So I am always looking for recipes that are good and healthy for me. I do believe that eating healthy and drinking lots of water is giving my body some great energy.

I was hoping to get more into this but I am extremely tired and I have a little headache. So goodnight for now.

Thanks for my cards Carol and Susan!

Pray for a great day


On Purpose said...

Dear Jesus give Cindy lots of great rest. And during the rest her body can do what you designed it to do, repair itself and make more white blood cells! Thank you Lord! We pray for endurance as she heads into each day. WE love you Lord and we know You and YOur hand all over this great family. Amen

The Patterson 5 said...

Praying for you and for lots of healthy good fighting food to give you strength to fight the good fight against this terrible disease. May your body, made by God miraculously and wonderfully fight by making lots of white blood cells.

Cindy said...

It sounds as though you are eating the way most of us should be eating every day.

I am continuing to pray for strength in your body, peace in your spirit and rest for your soul.

You are an inspiration.
Bless you, Cindy

Truth4thejourney said...

Dear God,

Please increase Cindy's white blood count. Give her strength and a good day tomorrow. Thank you for your healing touch.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus we come to you with praise knowing how blessed each of us have been by Cindy's storm. God you have brought families together, Mothers closer to their children, wifes and husband more loving and caring. God you have taught us when we cry out you hear us. Oh father we cry again for healing, let your will be done which is always perfect. We love you and thank-you in Jesus name Amen..Praying hard that you feel his presence. Love, Hugs and Prayers Laurie