Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 21- Last day Calling all prayer warriors wearing pink

Well I have had a pretty good go around this time. I will be comparing 1 to 2. I pray that it is the same. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. You all have been a huge part of where I am today. I feel good and I am ready to do this again. I am scared a little because I am getting the port put in so I pray that everything goes well with that. My mom is on her way. So mom be safe. My in-laws will be caring for the girls tomorrow.

treatment 10:00 until ? I think I was done around 3 last time. So a long day. God give me the strength and keep me strong tomorrow.

Kim and Bailee I love my bracelet! Thanks for all my cards this week. I love them.

Off to the game around 3:30!

Ok friends and family everywhere put your pink on or your bracelets and let me feel you tomorrow. I need it!

Love Cindy
wearing my pink today

Hi to my new friend in Florida! Thanks for your support. (we were stationed in Eustis, Inverness and Port Richey, we spent about 7yrs there)


On Purpose said...

There are women in Washington state that are in prayer. Praying for courage, peace, perserverance, and love!

Hold your head up high and look Him in the eye!!!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I will even wear matching Pink ???? We diffidently will be able to be felt...Wishing you comfort and a peaceful night. God will take care of everything. Praying in Oregon...

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Still praying here in TN...

Leebird said...

Hey there sister,

I have not forgotten about you...I pray for you every single day...sometimes more than once. I still have something brewing in my heart to write for you, and one of these days, it will arrive and you'll get a pleasant surprise!

You are doing great. I am so proud to support you in prayer. Love, Lee