Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 8-Results are not good

I am extremely tired and weak today. I was hoping to go on and on about last night. My white count is reading zero! I am have been told to be inside, no visitors, no raw veggies or fruit and no one sick, no other children. My body is very weak and I can get extremely sick. Please pray for me. I will catch up with you as soon as I am well. Check out and go to scene around. Click on bunco for breast cancer. I am picture number 3 and 4. Check out my "crazy & sexy" wig! I cant wait to tell you the details.

God give me the strength to rise above this. God heal me and wake my bones up and start producing new white cells. Lord send my warriors to work. I need them. Lets make zero jump with glory.



On Purpose said...

Dear Heavenly Father this is a job for Only You! Only You can heal and restore, and Only You are strong enough to carry Cindy's burden. Only You can make that number change from zero! Only You can protect her and provide her body the properly healing.

We pray to Only You! We trust Only You!

We believe Only You!

Anonymous said...

Father in heaven I praise you. You are our great physician and Lord I know you can heal, have healed and are still healing every moment of every day and now I come before you believing your hands are on Cindy and you will give Cindy a peace in knowing you are her strength, You are her all and you will be he comfort during this difficult day. We Love You and thank=you and it is in your name we prayer. Amen
Keeping the faith...

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Hey! I visited that site...I like your new doo. :o}

Still praying for you here in TN-sending ((hugs)) your way, sterile ones of'course.

;o}-there is nothing our God can't handle!

The Patterson 5 said...

Dear God,
We lift our sister in Christ, Cindy to You. Lord you are the ultimate Physician please strenghten her body to fight! Protect her, soothe her, encourage her, may she feel Your presence in every moment. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Cindy said...

Oh Cindy,

I am praying right now that God would touch and strengthen your body as HE does a healing work through you.

Allow God to carry you right now.

Emily Tallman said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

MiMi said...


I just went to that site and you look amazing! So cute!

I have been "out of pocket" for a few days, but have not forgotten to pray for my dear friend. My precious bracelet is a permanent reminder to pray for you throughout each day.

I am praying that God is working in your body, even now, to increase your white count. He created you and I know that He knows exactly how to heal you and restore you to complete health. He is still in control! I pray that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around you to keep you from any germs that you might be exposed to and above all that He would strengthen you with HIS strength that you might, indeed, rise above this!

Praying that you have a restful weekend and that you will soon be feeling much better.

I love you,friend,

Cindy said...

I love your new blog design!