Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 8-Counts low:(

Girls just left to enjoy the festivities. Hope everyone enjoys the Fall tonight and this weekend. Went to the Dr today and my white counts are low and I have been feeling pretty bad today. My results for infection did not come yet but they went ahead and put me on antibiotics. It seems my body drops low and I get mild affects from it so I can live with that.

I have to say this go around was harder but I am hoping and believing that I am going to bounce back soon. I feel like I have sounded a little weak but it has been a frustrating time since Friday. It is time for me to rest this weekend and listen to my body. Monday I need to get refocused and spend a lot of time with God. I need to get back into conquer mode. Don't get me wrong I am fighting with all that I have. This is some powerful stuff I am carrying around but I know that there is my powerful Father carrying me when I cant another step. I know that He has plans for me. I know that He sent each of you to remind me that I can do this. I can do this and I will. I just need shake this off and focus. I know I may wonder why but that is when I am weak it is hard not to.

Thanks for being God's helpers. For praying when my praying is so weak. Continue to pray I want to live and give God the Glory!

Shooting for Victory!

Thanks for my cards Tom, Cindy, Carrie thanks for making me my hats!


Cindy said...

Honey, you can do this, but not without God. He does need to carry you through. That is part of why He is God and we are not.

Allow yourself to rest in Him. He will give you strength on the days you need it most. This is powerful stuff they are putting in you.

God is Cindy's refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore Cindy will not fear....God is within Cindy, Cindy will not fall, God will help Cindy at break of day. Be still, and know that I am God.
Paraphrased from
Psalms 46: 1,2,5,10

Bless you,

Sue J. said...

Sometimes, listening to your body is just want God wants you to do. It's that call to rest that can sometimes go unheeded--but you hear it clearly now, so go there! He's with you!

Have a restful rest of the weekend--He's standing with you always!

Emily Tallman said...

I am praying for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. You will get through this with God's help. Thank you for being an inspiration and example to all of us.
Love you,

On Purpose said...

Dear Heavenly Father hold on tight to Cindy, confirm You are there! Surround her with all things good, true, beautiful, and worthy. Surround her with more of YOU! WE love You Lord-Amen

Leebird said...

Listen to all of your extra mommas gentle with yourself and let God hold you tight. I'm sorry you missed the fun last night, but God willing you will be the life of the party next Halloween when this is all behind you!

Love you bunches, Lee